10th February 2012

Time flies..

Here come to the end of friday
Another week passed
Was preparing for next week big event during this whole,
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition

1 week away
Everything is on the right track
Except the participation rate
Which, i have to act like a train
Pulling and kick all the 'balls' in UTAR

Is doesn't matter who do more job
Most importantly
We are on the right track to achieve our goal
I'm glad that I'm in a great family
With a bunch of great family member
We are showing our unity
To the whole campus
Proving that
"United we stand
Divided we fall"

A question to always remind myself:
Am I really ready for it
Else, remain everything the same
Maybe I really not ready for it yet
Knowing what I want
And definitely
For now
It didn't at my first place

"There are no way to regret on what u are doing
The only thing to do is solve problem and do it the best"
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