26th February 2012

Time flies...

Environment, are the beginning of everything
Create, build and determine
A person
Certainly, I ain't going to be like him
Never ever

Is the end of another weekend
After 2 days of busy moment
Shall continue back on my track
FYP, Research, Assignment, Studies, Task, Clubs and Societies

Knowing what is the problem
Identify what is the problem
Trying to rectify it
That is how to increase the possibility of the desired outcome
Although at the end, it might not be the what I want
At least, at the end, I improved myself

Again, I really have to admit
I'm noob in that
A ten years?
A hundred years?
A thousand years?
A million years?

23rd February 2012

Time flies..

I'm doing a personal research
On super lightweight concrete
This research is to fulfill my personal interest, curious and challenge

To challenge a breakthrough in concrete technology
Isn't an easy task
Especially when the concrete density has directly influence on concrete strength
Hope I can breakthrough the industry
And making my research a great success

Somehow there are some problems to solve
Including the argument of the word 'green'
Dear babies, I urged u all to stay light
And stay strong at the same time

"I have no idea how far i'm away from success
The only thing I know is
If I give up, I will never ever reach success"

19th February 2012

Time flies..

I knew what is the problem
How should I face the problem

Is needed at this time or later?
Is necessary at this time or later?
Is still early or is the right time?

Wei wu Wei
To Think without thinking
To Act without acting
To Go without going

This if life
Or maybe more specific
Lim Ooi Yuan's life

River flown in you

1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012

Time flies..

After less than 2 months time
From planning to preparation
From preparation to event day
We,CI 08 did it

Yesterday was a great great great day
With a participation of 26 teams
Plus 34 committee members
Plus an advisor
Plus Nehemiah Soil Reinforced Sdn. Bhd. career booth
Together making 1st UTAR Build and Break a great success

Feel great that I can lead whole CI 08 to organize this event
Feel great that we, CI 08 can contribute to UTAR before we graduate
Feel great that the participants have achieve the objective of the competition

I would like to dedicate my words of gratitude to:
- Pek Chew Piling Sdn. Bhd.
- Nehemiah Soil Reinforced Sdn. Bhd.
- Dr Lee Min Lee, advisor
- My parents
- My buddies
- Participant
For making this event a great success

那些年,我们一起 organize event
My uni life, no 遗憾 anymore. =)

"We Build Your Future" (CI 08, 2008)

17th February 2012

Time flies..

Is friday
The busy week isn't ending here
But will extend to 2molo!
2 events + 1 test
Filled up all my timeslot in this week

Organized tug of war on tuesday
Everything went smoothly except during the final
Where the rain starting to rain
Was forced to postpone to thursday
Was in Team MILO
We managed to enter final
And had hard fight with TEAM QS
Before we lose to them in final round
Anyhow, WELL DONE team

Wednesday was dynamics test
Instead of studying
I spent more time on 1st UTAR Build and break Competition
As many problems occurs
And it actually distracting me
Disallow me to really focus on my revision
2 questions, only know 1
No excuses on it
Shall do better in remaining coursework and of course, the final

Is the DAY
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012
Orgaized by CI 08, using the name of department of Civil Engineering and IEM Student Chapter
Feel very excited

12th February 2012

Time flies..

Started my sunday with a healty morning
Woke up at 8am
Because got some jiao kia (Andrew, Dickshen and lekmon)
Yesterday suddenly said want go taman botani to jog during limteh
Depart from my hse at 9.10am, and reach there about 9.40am like tat
Went in Taman Botani and do siao till 12pm.

We had our lunch at klang famous laksa.. hehe
Long time didnt go there and eat ad
As usual, ordered laksa wantan mee.. NICE!

Went to movie
With Andrew, Dick, LekMon, Joanne and Joaryn during the afternoon
Watched The Grey at Bukit Tinggi Aeon
A meaningless movie
I would said
Nothing much except some scary scenes

Had family dinner
At old place, Restaurant Seri Kemuning aka below palm oil tree
The chef changed?
Somehow this is the feel when i eating the dishes
the food is still nice..
and I became MPK again
SAPU whatever left over food.. XD
So full...

Is going to be a very challenging week
1 test + 2 events
Stay strong
At least
till the end of this saturday!

11th February 2012

Time flies...

Shoot without thinking shoot
Drible without thinking drible
Block without thinking block
I just do what I want to do
Without any restriction
Got feel
My fitness
Restrict me to go wild

First basketball session in this year
And definitely
I enjoyed 100%
Just like the basketball belongs to me

Long lost feel?
Or I shall said
This is the first time
I have this feel
It was so great.......

10th February 2012

Time flies..

Here come to the end of friday
Another week passed
Was preparing for next week big event during this whole,
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition

1 week away
Everything is on the right track
Except the participation rate
Which, i have to act like a train
Pulling and kick all the 'balls' in UTAR

Is doesn't matter who do more job
Most importantly
We are on the right track to achieve our goal
I'm glad that I'm in a great family
With a bunch of great family member
We are showing our unity
To the whole campus
Proving that
"United we stand
Divided we fall"

A question to always remind myself:
Am I really ready for it
Else, remain everything the same
Maybe I really not ready for it yet
Knowing what I want
And definitely
For now
It didn't at my first place

"There are no way to regret on what u are doing
The only thing to do is solve problem and do it the best"

7th February 2012

Time flies..

Chinese New Year has come to the end
Shall said that i had a great Chinese New Year this year

eating holiao
With my friendsssssssss
This is how i past my Chinese New Year

Is glad that i met a great person on last saturday
Mr. Pua Khein Seng, Founder and CEO of Philson Electronics
Which is also the inventor of USB flash memory
He gave a talk, titled 'Driven to success'
he prove to me that
my theory is on the right track.. =)
I brought lekmon along with me to attend the talk
I think this Mr.Pua talks definitely give him some ideas to the situation he facing

Grandma was admitted to hospital again
Almost ffk the dinner
Until mum said i can go after the dinner
Dropped mum and dad at Sunway Medical Center
Then meet up with they all at sunway pyramid
Visit grandma right after the dinner
Hope grandma will recover soon
And stay healthy