21st January 2012

Time flies...

A number of days passed since my last post
Wanted to post some updates
Somehow, I had a busy week and some bad days in between my busy week

My final semester has begin on monday
Counting down 14 academic weeks + 2 examination weeks in UTAR
And I will graduate from UTAR

Was busying with 1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012
For the past week
Done and settle a lot of works
And there is a giant leap in our progress
From poster, to registration form, to publicity, to sponsorship
Certainly, I would like to say a thousand thanks to wanshing
For bringing us a good news
As I realized, most of organizing team members
Which included our advisor, Dr.Lee
Are concern and worry about our activity funds
Her good news definitely stabled and boost the whole organizing team morale
The party isn't stop at here
And will continue on till 18th Feb 2012

Besides good news
I have received some bad news as well
Jiun Leong's grandma was admitted to ICU in last saturday
and passed away on thursday
A very sudden and shocking news
Seeing her good and healthy
Chit chatting with her
Eating durian with her
While i visited jiun leong kampung 2 weeks ago

Full of unpredictable arrangement
All of this
Are the tests given
To make us stronger.
Rest in peace
Greatest Condolence to Jiun Leong's family.

Is a mixed week for me
And I learned alot during this week

Is last second day in chinese calender
Shall declared that I have done and finished all the job
I should done before new year
Shall enjoy Chinese New Year
Like a boss
Happy Chinese New Year
Wishing a greater and colourfull year ahead

The following are the promo video for 1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012:

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