2012 Dragon Year - Cho 6

Happy Chinese New Year

Is Cho 6

Supposingly follow family to a new year gathering in the morning
Somehow, very tired
After daysss of busy and packed schedule
Continue sleep on the bed
Till FFK-ed my family... =X

Went to JoJo house in the afternoon to bai nian
With andrew, chooyeong, dickshen and shereen
Again, we gamble lagi
Partner with andrew as banker
Won RM10+

After that, the same gang went to my house
With additional people, the girls
Peiling, suling, joanne and joaryn
Again, we gamble lagi
Partner with andrew as banker
Won RM20+

LOL, somehow I really paiseh to win so much
And as expected
Mum sure ask a lot of questions
If got girl's friends come to bai nian.. XD

During the night
Went to the twin, Joanne and Joaryn's house
They prepared nasi lemak
The nasi lemak was my breakfast + lunch + dinner
Quit delicious
Again, we gamble lagi
Won RM3

Ok la, is CNY, happy enough
Win or lose
Just few bucks
Not really see it that important
Most important, everyone is happy

Tomorrow is Cho 7
Shall i said that 2molo is the last day of my holiday?
Is going back to campus
After a whole work-less week
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