2012 Dragon Year - Cho 2

Happy chinese new year

Is cho 2
As usual
Went to 'zhek gong' hse bai nian
The same question pass through my mind
Whenever I went there
Somehow, I did not ask why to myself
Just telling myself
Not now, work hard, is future

Went to andrew house bai nian during night
With a big gang of friends
Which included waiyee, jeffrey, chooyeong, kahmun, shereen, joanne, joaryn, peiling and tessie
Gamble, wasn't my interest
But since is new year and request from public
Played 2 hands
Is lucky to won few bucks.. haha
But I macam hai shereen lose few times..lol... really paiseh

I just realized
The last I went to grandma house
is last chinese new year
This is something I couldn't believe
Feel very bad to myself

Grandma house is the beginning of my everything
From there
I have my childhood memories
I build up my strong character
Thanks to teaching from my 'di gu' and 'ber gu' and my grandpa
Without those moments
I definitely isn't standing at the current position I standing

Happy Chinese New Year!
Tomorrow is Cho 3
Enjoy! =)
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  1. Emily C. Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!