12th January 2012

Time flies..
Another thursday ending soon

Sleep early,
one of my new year resolution
Failed to carry it out successfully
12 days after a whole new year
Only about 2-3 days i managed to get myself sleep before 11.30pm
Shall be more determine

Yesterday went to Pavilion with Andrew and Xin Yi
Initially they plan to buy some apparels for cny
Somehow we are late
Due to traffic jam
When we finished out dinner, all the shops are closing ad
Therefore, we have a walk around bukit bintang and KL area

Didn't expect the first thing she ask me
Is the concrete which I have promised her last year
To give her 50mm x 50mm x 50mm concrete cube
Stunned for few seconds when she ask me bout that
Really paiseh..haha
Coz somehow i totally forgot the concrete cube is in my temporary memory loss zone.. :p
Shall make some for her ASAP

A bit lazy and slacking
Especially in this few days
Maybe due to the lab work
Which make me quite tired + insufficient of resting time
Tons of works waiting me
Very fast only ma..haha
Finish it fast
And celebrate CNY without any worry behind me

Kinda pressure actually
Surrounded by FYP, 1st Build and break Competition, Bridge Competition
Seeing the time flying like a boss
And there are alot of uncertainties

Need to cast some other specimens for other test
Waiting results from my babies..
Hopefully everything is ok
Please don't give me some weird results

For 1st Build and Break Competition
Have send out mails to potential sponsors
Yet, haven't receive any feedback from them
Next week is commencement of new semester
Shall start promote it to student in next week
Thanks god the poster and registration is out
Next, Promotional Video! Need inspiration to make it attractive

For Bridge Competition
I can feel that
something, which is important, is/are missing
Or it totally never exist at all
All of that
Just for their own purpose
Just for their own motive

That all for today
Time to sleep
9am, Civil Engineering Territory again

"If I never stand up
I will never learn
And I will remain as the same person in the past"
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