10th January 2012

Time flies..
This is my 300th post for my blog

Back from Pengerang, Sungai Rengit, Johor yesterday
That is Jiun Leong hometown
The place where he was borned
The place where he grew up

Experienced long lost kampung lifestyle
Pengerang is a small town
Located about 100km away from JB
The town isn't so develop
It still keeping the kampung smell
No shopping mall
No any others entertainment
Only got the only fast food restaurant, Marrybrown
Palm oil garden
Fruit garden
Seaside fisherman
But people at there live happily
They have their own activities to spend their time
They have their own memories
All of this
Only in Pengerang

Stayed at Jiun Leong house for 3 days 2 night
Ate wild boar curry, cooked by his mum, delicious!
Ate durianssss, Bitter + excellent taste!
Somehow, the most impress part is the open durian tool
Which custom made by his father
Only in Jiun Leong hse
Put the durian at the middle
One of the holder is fixed while the other one is flexible
Just pull the flexible 1 to side
Then the durian is open!

Final semester reopen in less than one week time
It going to be busiest semester ever!
And of course, the most colourful semester ever!

"Talk big, act nothing, is a loser
Talk nothing, act big, is a winner"
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