2012 Dragon Year - Cho 6

Happy Chinese New Year

Is Cho 6

Supposingly follow family to a new year gathering in the morning
Somehow, very tired
After daysss of busy and packed schedule
Continue sleep on the bed
Till FFK-ed my family... =X

Went to JoJo house in the afternoon to bai nian
With andrew, chooyeong, dickshen and shereen
Again, we gamble lagi
Partner with andrew as banker
Won RM10+

After that, the same gang went to my house
With additional people, the girls
Peiling, suling, joanne and joaryn
Again, we gamble lagi
Partner with andrew as banker
Won RM20+

LOL, somehow I really paiseh to win so much
And as expected
Mum sure ask a lot of questions
If got girl's friends come to bai nian.. XD

During the night
Went to the twin, Joanne and Joaryn's house
They prepared nasi lemak
The nasi lemak was my breakfast + lunch + dinner
Quit delicious
Again, we gamble lagi
Won RM3

Ok la, is CNY, happy enough
Win or lose
Just few bucks
Not really see it that important
Most important, everyone is happy

Tomorrow is Cho 7
Shall i said that 2molo is the last day of my holiday?
Is going back to campus
After a whole work-less week

2012 Dragon Year - Cho 5

Happy Chinese New Year

Is Cho 5

Went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco
To watch "Ah Beng"
With andrew,dick and shereen
Continue do siao with them at Dragon-i and Mcd till 3pm
Dick's hse -> my house -> Tessie's hse -> Andrew's Hse
The only activity at each house is GAMBLE
Siao liao.. XD

Received a bad news
My 'koh liao kong' passed away on today
Greatest condolence to Lee's Family
Quite sudden actually
Still seeing him during re-union dinner
And today
he passed away peacefully

Life is unpredictable
Every moment u still can open your eye
Appreciate it
Fill the life with wonderful moments

2012 Dragon Year - Cho 2

Happy chinese new year

Is cho 2
As usual
Went to 'zhek gong' hse bai nian
The same question pass through my mind
Whenever I went there
Somehow, I did not ask why to myself
Just telling myself
Not now, work hard, is future

Went to andrew house bai nian during night
With a big gang of friends
Which included waiyee, jeffrey, chooyeong, kahmun, shereen, joanne, joaryn, peiling and tessie
Gamble, wasn't my interest
But since is new year and request from public
Played 2 hands
Is lucky to won few bucks.. haha
But I macam hai shereen lose few times..lol... really paiseh

I just realized
The last I went to grandma house
is last chinese new year
This is something I couldn't believe
Feel very bad to myself

Grandma house is the beginning of my everything
From there
I have my childhood memories
I build up my strong character
Thanks to teaching from my 'di gu' and 'ber gu' and my grandpa
Without those moments
I definitely isn't standing at the current position I standing

Happy Chinese New Year!
Tomorrow is Cho 3
Enjoy! =)

2012 Dragon Year

2012 Dragon Year!
Happy Chinese New Year
Is new year
Is reunion dinner again

This year Lim's family reunion dinner is same with last year
We had our reunion dinner at Restaurant Lan Hua
First word came out from the mouth when we meet each other is
As usual
After the reunion dinner
Is the time to receive again
Ya, have received it continuously for 22 years
This year will be 23rd times

I'm one year older
This is a good sign
mean that every year I do improve
mean that every year I do gain knowledge
mean that every year I do gain experience
mean that every year I do grow up

Once again, wish everyone
Happy Chinese New Year
All the best in Dragon Year
Like a dragon, so strong, so energetic!

21st January 2012

Time flies...

A number of days passed since my last post
Wanted to post some updates
Somehow, I had a busy week and some bad days in between my busy week

My final semester has begin on monday
Counting down 14 academic weeks + 2 examination weeks in UTAR
And I will graduate from UTAR

Was busying with 1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012
For the past week
Done and settle a lot of works
And there is a giant leap in our progress
From poster, to registration form, to publicity, to sponsorship
Certainly, I would like to say a thousand thanks to wanshing
For bringing us a good news
As I realized, most of organizing team members
Which included our advisor, Dr.Lee
Are concern and worry about our activity funds
Her good news definitely stabled and boost the whole organizing team morale
The party isn't stop at here
And will continue on till 18th Feb 2012

Besides good news
I have received some bad news as well
Jiun Leong's grandma was admitted to ICU in last saturday
and passed away on thursday
A very sudden and shocking news
Seeing her good and healthy
Chit chatting with her
Eating durian with her
While i visited jiun leong kampung 2 weeks ago

Full of unpredictable arrangement
All of this
Are the tests given
To make us stronger.
Rest in peace
Greatest Condolence to Jiun Leong's family.

Is a mixed week for me
And I learned alot during this week

Is last second day in chinese calender
Shall declared that I have done and finished all the job
I should done before new year
Shall enjoy Chinese New Year
Like a boss
Happy Chinese New Year
Wishing a greater and colourfull year ahead

The following are the promo video for 1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012:

12th January 2012

Time flies..
Another thursday ending soon

Sleep early,
one of my new year resolution
Failed to carry it out successfully
12 days after a whole new year
Only about 2-3 days i managed to get myself sleep before 11.30pm
Shall be more determine

Yesterday went to Pavilion with Andrew and Xin Yi
Initially they plan to buy some apparels for cny
Somehow we are late
Due to traffic jam
When we finished out dinner, all the shops are closing ad
Therefore, we have a walk around bukit bintang and KL area

Didn't expect the first thing she ask me
Is the concrete which I have promised her last year
To give her 50mm x 50mm x 50mm concrete cube
Stunned for few seconds when she ask me bout that
Really paiseh..haha
Coz somehow i totally forgot the concrete cube is in my temporary memory loss zone.. :p
Shall make some for her ASAP

A bit lazy and slacking
Especially in this few days
Maybe due to the lab work
Which make me quite tired + insufficient of resting time
Tons of works waiting me
Very fast only ma..haha
Finish it fast
And celebrate CNY without any worry behind me

Kinda pressure actually
Surrounded by FYP, 1st Build and break Competition, Bridge Competition
Seeing the time flying like a boss
And there are alot of uncertainties

Need to cast some other specimens for other test
Waiting results from my babies..
Hopefully everything is ok
Please don't give me some weird results

For 1st Build and Break Competition
Have send out mails to potential sponsors
Yet, haven't receive any feedback from them
Next week is commencement of new semester
Shall start promote it to student in next week
Thanks god the poster and registration is out
Next, Promotional Video! Need inspiration to make it attractive

For Bridge Competition
I can feel that
something, which is important, is/are missing
Or it totally never exist at all
All of that
Just for their own purpose
Just for their own motive

That all for today
Time to sleep
9am, Civil Engineering Territory again

"If I never stand up
I will never learn
And I will remain as the same person in the past"

10th January 2012

Time flies..
This is my 300th post for my blog

Back from Pengerang, Sungai Rengit, Johor yesterday
That is Jiun Leong hometown
The place where he was borned
The place where he grew up

Experienced long lost kampung lifestyle
Pengerang is a small town
Located about 100km away from JB
The town isn't so develop
It still keeping the kampung smell
No shopping mall
No any others entertainment
Only got the only fast food restaurant, Marrybrown
Palm oil garden
Fruit garden
Seaside fisherman
But people at there live happily
They have their own activities to spend their time
They have their own memories
All of this
Only in Pengerang

Stayed at Jiun Leong house for 3 days 2 night
Ate wild boar curry, cooked by his mum, delicious!
Ate durianssss, Bitter + excellent taste!
Somehow, the most impress part is the open durian tool
Which custom made by his father
Only in Jiun Leong hse
Put the durian at the middle
One of the holder is fixed while the other one is flexible
Just pull the flexible 1 to side
Then the durian is open!

Final semester reopen in less than one week time
It going to be busiest semester ever!
And of course, the most colourful semester ever!

"Talk big, act nothing, is a loser
Talk nothing, act big, is a winner"

5th January 2012

Time flies..

Time really flies...
In my case
Time flying like nobody business
Is thursday again
The week going to end soon

Was hiding at campus lab
And spend all of my semester break
with sand, cement, water, POFA and concrete
Oven dry sand, Sieve cement, Sieve sand, Cast concrete
All of this process
Took away my morning and afternoon everyday

One week to go
Before my final semester commence
Time flies...
And I still got tons of works to do

The responsibility getting heavier and heavier
As the time goes on
Shall cope with it gradually

"Get small thing done rightly and correctly
Before the big thing"

1st January 2012

New Chapter of year

Passed my last day of 2011
with 5 batangs:
ah mah, tatming, micas, ah sim and han cheong
Have bak kut teh as our lunch
Went to play pool
Went to Sunway to pass the last few hours of year 2011

A happy ending leads to wonderful beginning

Is another new year
Life continue goes on
May 2012 is a great year
May 2012 is the best year up to now