23rd December 2012

Time flies...

One week to new year
Time fliesssssss....
Year 2012 is coming to the end
The so called end of the world did not come true
Sure la..
Aboh I also cant update my blog.. :p

Thinking to make a conclusion of myself in year 2012
Somehow, abit too early?
Maybe still have sometime for me to do something important with the remaining days in year 2012

Realized that for every thing which I said will be done on the next day
It would never be done
As this is what we called as take it granted as we knew we still have to the next day to do it
But the next day may have new thing to do
And at the end, work done = 0 N
Typical failure characteristic...

Is time for me to go sleep
Tomorrow will better than today


Time flies..

Today is the last repetitive number for date in this decade
The next will be 100 years later
Still a normal day
Is her birthday
And wished her a simply b.day wish
Somehow, have no idea why the delivery isn't reach the destination yet. -.-''

Went to a meeting with Leow this morning
Really don't judge a book by its cover
At longkang pancing soon hock.. lol
Pro and unbelieable

9th December 2012

Time flies..

Human tend to be forgetful
Especially when the time flies
Especially when there are some changes in life

Just realize and remembered...
The things I have forgotten
Today is 9th December 2012
22 days away from new year
The year haven't end
And I still have time to colour it
With my colour
Instead of letting people determine the colour of my life.


2nd December 2012

Time flies...

This isn't study
No lecturer
No tutor
No studying material
No referencing case
But with full of tests and assignments

Today, you forgot bout the answer
And you failed me
I wont blame you
Maybe, there is no fate between me and you
Of all the planning and dream
Crushed along with the your words

Somehow, I do understand what you want
freedom, freedom and freedom
From freedom, you could enjoy your life stress-less and pressure-less
Pointless for me to hold on it for now and maybe future

River flown in me
Is time for me to ride on the bicycle
And continue to search for my way
And hoping maybe one day your will offer yourself
Sitting at the back of bicycle
Letting me carrying you and cycling along the life path

30th November

Time flies..

Is the last day of 11th month in 2012
Is friday
Is 11pm
Tomorrow will be the final exam for ADM
Still preparing for it
And at least, I'm better and more concentrated compared with yesterday

Stick back to economic principle
And it somehow can answer all the oxymoron questions in perfect way
For once, we are close, then we are anonymous to each other
And for again, we are even more closer, then right now, we became even more anonymous to each other in just a moment time
I just hate this feeling so much
Same feeling as a year before

To be honest
I'm real noob in handling all this kind of relationship stuff
And that costs everything
Is a big lie for saying that I'm ok for now
Time will gaodim the aftermath

I'm tired............

29th November 2012

Time flies...

Once again...
The bad feeling has turn out to be the true one
The only comfort to myself is maybe my prediction still sharp =X
And the bad mouth still as bad as before

A good or a bad?
Looking at good side
Perhaps I can be more focus on my study and career
Look at the bad side
Never ever look at bad side
The BF, will remaining at that level: best friend

Do appreciate the chance given by her
And appreciate the efforts from Jye Yng and Lek Mon as well.

Time to turn my direction to saturday final
Start my preparation since monday
And shall be in full throttle condition during second last day
Anyhow, wish her be happy always
And wish me to be stronger that before.

28th November 2012

Time flies..

The amount of time
We talk to each other
Seems like getting lesser and lesser. =X
Not really a good sign nor symptom nor feeling
Don't really wish to ask her everytime:
"At home?" "At home?" "At home?"

Starting to think deeply and seriously
About me and her in long term
The on-going situation definitely bring negative effects
Yes, she have yet to nod her head yet
So... which position do I stand?

The distance between me and her
Isn't like the distance between Klang and PJ
We are stayed apart by Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Johor and a sea
Not a distance where when I wanna meet up, then we could meet up for dinner, movie or walk walk.

Don't really wanted to pile any pressure or stress on her
Just, maybe she need time to change from current situation
Or she isn't ready in starting a new relationship yet =X

What miracle isn't that we have meet up
What miracle is that we have appeared in each other life
I shall give u more time, and have faith on u.

25th November

Time flies...

Weekend is ending soon
And will back to work again 2molo
3 more weeks to go
And I am going to SG again
To find her. haha
Just keep faith on how far we can go
Just keep believe on how far we can go

21st November 2012

Time flies..

Second post of the month
Finally, is time for me to blog something memorable, haha!

The miracle isn't that we have meet up
The miracle is that we appears in each other life

Went to Singapore last week
To find her.
Something which I still disbelieve it actually happened
But, believe on me, it happened
Feel a bit paiseh and shy on the first day night.. >.<
Where I jio-ed her for dinner after her work
Went to 15-minutes cafe to have our dinner
And we exchanged gift.. lol
See-ing her quite tired after work
Don't really wish to keep her long
Because I wish she could get enough rest especially after works

Went to sentosa on the next day
and we have the couple, Jye Yng and Billy joined us
Somehow, the weather don't looks good
Rain when we wish to have some walk at outside
Managed to have some walk at vivo mall

Went out with her to Mustafa Mall at night
As she wanted to buy a bigger mug
Because the current she using kinda small, cant contain large enough volume of her fav white coffee
lol.. she is so cute.. haha
Somehow, we couldn't find it at mustafa mall after search for some time
Send her back after that
I walked to starbuck and buy a mug for her
And, just wanted she to be happy

Bought bus ticket on next day
Is 1.30pm bus
Thinking still got some time before that
So, Jio-ed her for lunch
Somehow she sleep quite long.. lol
Well, her weekend, wanted her to have longer sleep after working tirely
Than wake up early and accompany me
She managed to woke up before I leave
And she sent me to mrt.. loll

Well, the 3 days is our very first time
not to said very happening
But quite memorable for me.. haha
Doesn't know how she think
Hopefully she have same thinking as mine.. xp
Let it be
Grow gradually

See u in December again
Miss ya... =)

4th November 2012

Time flies...

Well, it has been quite some time since i leaved my last post in my blog
Is the 11th month of 2012
Time flies..
Reaching the ending of year 2012
and haha
2013 coming!
0.88% only.. pengsan, seeing the slowpoke rate of increment

Averagely, I wasted 4 hours daily
And this literally showing not really a good sign for me
As time being wasted
When I supposingly should be utilize it

Tomorrow is 5th November:
Wish her have a great start for her work in sg
121104 When Ir. Meets Ar.
Have pride on what you have come
Have faith on what you can go!
Shall meet up with you in less than 2 weeks time. =)

26th October 2012

Time flies...

Just realized
My blog wasn't update for some time. =X
And so today is time to update my recent status

A day to remember
Said out what is inside my heart
Feel relieve
and excitement + happy!

We may not meet up that often
We may keep apart for some time
Hard work+Believe = beautiful ending which we are looking on.

Time to sleep.

8th October 2012

Time flies...

out of sudden
Got a strong feeling
Foreseeing the beautiful rainbow is fading
After seeing the response shown
Maybe the myth isn't true enough
Or I am stepping the cloud instead of the earth

T25 bars can be very strong
However, as the stress exceed yield stress
It still yielded.. regardless how strong it is

What is life?
To live for my own?
To live for other people?
To live on my own due to other people?


1st October 2012

Time flies..

1st October
8 months to go
0.66% of target
an increase of 0.22% from 0.44%
and the worse form of so called investment
Which u spent ur whole month time+energy+sleeping
Just for a mere little return

I'm just so tired and exhausted..
Yet, I really cant even find a single time
For me to actually relax and rest
look up on myself to high
Or... certainly
I cant even describe how i wan to be
How am i thinking
How am i doing
I am just a 125x300 column
yet should sustain a high rise loads + unlimited times of external load applying perpendicular to me

Just how I wish that I could escape from this mess badly
Go to penang
find  someone which is important for me
somehow, what is my position from her point of view
only she know....

22nd September 2012

Time flies..

Rush, rush and rush
Was rushing my works especially in this 2 weeks
Something like everything have to done in a same period of time
Somehow, realized that I am more relax when I was given a deadline on my work
As I knew the due date and I could plan on my work
Rather than tak tau the due date and everyday have to work and stress on it
As most importantly, all the work done in within time frame

A thought
Which flashed through my mind while doing my work on last 2 day
The first time...
Maybe not really the right timing yet

Yesterday browsed through a senior fb profile
Read his profile
And 'wow'
lol.. maybe this is the 'wow' factor mentioned by my lecturer
Somehow, really impressed with his achievement especially at such young age
Thinking whether I can done better than him?
Well, I definitely believe I could done better than him
As if from the initial, I don't even believe on myself
I would rather just bang myself to the wall..
The 'wow' factor in my life...
A worthy question to think

17th September 2012

Time flies..

Enough is enough
Promise myself
Today is the last day I give myself
Millions reasons to cover up my slack and laziness
I seriously have to step out the first step
Not only that
I have to take giant leap
In order to achieve my target in within the timeline
Up to date
Target achieved: 0.43% only (100%!)
Ways to go...

Observation proven
The stupidest is the smartest
True story
I can observe the differentiation after the integration

Never ever forgot the origin
Find back my confident
I'm the one
Who can create something out of nothing

15th September 2012

Time flies..

Is an ordinary Saturday
Attending my class from 9am to 5pm
Is organisational management class
The way the lecturer conduct the class
Is sort of attending soft skill programs
Kinda like it
keep yawning the whole class
Due to lack of sleeping + little bit boring actually
As for the whole day
The whole class was listening to the lecturer only
Without any brain exercise = time to sleep
Learned a lot of life theories and exp from the experience lecturer
Somehow, I did actually motivated by his so called lecture
Perhaps, the right bang after moving slowly towards the comfort zone

Will be the age of 24 in next year
What am I doing at the age of 24?
How do I see myself at the age of 24?
I wish to said it out loudly:

10th September 2012

Time flies...

Whats in my mind
Full of unlimited
Perhaps, dreaming as well

Nothing wrong when I dream big
The only wrong thing is dream without finite execution
I need some time
And trust as well
Just a little will do

4th September 2012

Time flies...

I can relate what has happened today to life
Receive order from Ashok to a site inspection at Setia Eco Park
A place which I quite familiar
But not the way from office to there
Google-ed map the route
And missed the turning point at Federal highway
Continue on the journey without making any u-turn
Take another route bravely
Which I have zero knowledge on it
End up I entered NKVE, the highway which I supposingly in if wanted to goto Setia Eco Park

Starting to feel that
Sometime, is ok to take wrong step
Human being, zero error is impossible
Most importantly, the wrong step may lead to another bright step
In which
At the end, we still reach the destination
Most importantly, never give up
Although we have zero knowledge aka unsure bout the step taken
Whether is correct or wrong
Try and find out
The answer

2nd September 2012

Time flies...

When running a losses
And TVC > TR
Shut down the operation
Not worth for me
To continue operate it
As the forecasted result
Using concurrent data
Shows TR is 100% impossible to exceed TVC
Unless changes made
Somehow, I still hold onto my believe
Unfold the untold

Step into 9th month of 2012
Time flies...
Is the 3rd month in Perunding CSS
So far so good
Yet, I still have to brush up in everything
Still fresh
Still a lot to learn

Due in 1 month time for the beginning
Due in 3 month time for the year 2012
Due in 8 month time for the 1st stop of 24 years old

26th August 2012

Time flies...

Time really flies..
A week passes
Like nobody business
Looking at my eye dark circle through the mirror
I knew
For no changes
I am putting myself in serious trouble

There is a small drop for my productivity recently
My super cells seems to be overloaded with my activities
Maybe, is time for me to take a small rest throughout the coming week
Before I depart from my rest point
And continue on my journey
My colourful life journey

The rumors are spreading
They said......
But the actual, I seriously have no idea

23rd August 2012

Time flies...

Today is the 7th day in July in Chinese Calender
Most renown known as 七夕节
As most of the people will relate it to love life
I would preferably relate it as family day
But this relation probably only limited to childhood memories

Is going to be end of the month
And I have to make quite decisive decision
Just too many options available
Doesn't want to have any or even little regret on my choice

My 乔装, which I have wear it for long long long long long long time
Starting to be rip off slowly, day by day
Good thing? Bad thing?
Be Positive
Be Alert
Be Stupid and be smart

19th August 2012

Time flies..

Is Hari Raya Aidilfitri
And  is time to say: Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Forgive me for any wrong doing in the past 1 year

When my idea, concept and proposal is being accepted
A dream which halted for few months
Back to my mind
Reform the world construction industry
To more cost effective and efficient construction
And at the same time provide better and more comfortable living ambiance and environment to each family

I really need large enough of braveness and encouragement
To take out the first step
Am I ready for all the challenge including possible success or disappointment?
Lacking confident and maybe desire are killing off my dream silently
On the other hand means the biggest enemy is still myself

15th August 2012

Time flies..

If I continue to delay or procrastinate
I believe
One day when I old
My plan is still a plan only
Because zero execution from the beginning till the end

I'm just a stupid person
Who only know work hard
Who only know never give up
Who only know be confident
Who only know be optimistic

Failure cant be avoid
But can be minimize
Through learning, experience and mentally strong

Shall start the journey of 第一桶金......

14th August 2012

Time flies..

For the first time
Since start working
I wish the raya holiday can come soon
So that I can have more sleeping time
Kinda have a lot of outstanding works
Trying to finish up all in very fast
Somehow, time was consumed in no idea way
2 assignments, which haven't touch at all
Plus the Kinrara Bungalow Project

A quite complicated bungalow project compare to the usual bungalow i designed
This one included curve beam, semi circle shape, and the latest, corbel
Spend whole office hour, designing 9 curve beams.. kinda shock
Glad that I was holding the structural design handbook day and night for the past few days
And most importantly, I 'common sensely' understand how to design the curve beam
Next, semi circle slab and the corbel
Hopefully I can improve my working speed


7th August 2012

Time flies...

Is a new month
I should must
Upgrade myself
In term of
Soft skills

To keep up the promise
To myself
To her
To my family
To my friends
And to anyone.

30th July 2012

Time flies...

Prema ki hala...
satya - satya'i
ami ekata katha

kichu'i bhula
jan'ya ekajana byaktira upara patanasila
ekati bhula kintu patanasila
satyi'i pagala apanake tariye

gatakala posta theke caliye
ami icchuka ami take balena uccarabe a'uta hate pare
ami bijnapana apani saksat kara
ami apani phsakana
ebam ami apani cinta khepa
bisesata yakhana ami janatama hala nisuti ekhano, apani phire barite na
ami satyi'i icchuka apani ki janena ye ami cinta karachi
ebam amake balabena ki apani kaja karachena yemana ami eka i pare

ami jani
ami bhula byakti pachanda
E'i sampurna ekata camatkara dbidha bodha na
tarapara mara mara
kibhabe ami icchuka ami ta karate pare
ami jharera jana

e'i muhurte
ami sudhumatra icchuka
ami apani katha balate parena
Ebam ami apani dekhate parena
Ebam apani khusi
ebam ami sabe e' dekhuna sukhi habena
apani snehamaya
prayojana ne'i, apani sange habe
E'i hala e'i jan'ya sabaceye bhalo samadhana
kona upasanhara sange samparka

29th July 2012

Time flies..

Reaching the end of the month
Is a very packed and busy month for me
Too bad, can't split myself to two part
So that I could do more thing. XD
Stress? Wasn't too stress as being relax myself
Or in other word not putting too much on myself
Just, be simple and yet the best

Today is UTAR Sports Carnival 2012
And once again, UTAR Setapak is the overall champion again
The 4th consecutive year, 2009-2012
Congratz and well done

Witness insecurity
1+1 not equal to 2
Knowing the false of the start
Yet I still approaching it
The theory of economic explained it?
I couldn't deny the fact

22nd July 2012

Time flies..

Tomorrow will be the 4th weeks of my career in Perunding CSS
Time flies..
Starting to settle down
And familiar with my work
Yet, I still have a lot to learn
Appreciate the patience teaching and help from Ashok and Justin

There are a lot of question marks in my mind
Perhaps he is right?
"Desire" isn't found in myself
No matter how ambitious am I
Without with which the ambitious thinking will always remains as a dream world
Or the comfort zone which today will remain as today on tomorrow
Do the right thing at right time
Or do the right thing prepare for the right time

Is time,
To once again prove myself
I can done the miracle using my way
Rainbow life...

16th July 2012

Time flies...

The importance of back mountain
The importance of result
The importance of achievement
The theory of monopoly


Shall determine and prove the value of myself...

14th July 2012

Time flies..

Almost freak out by my blog
As I typed my blog address
And it come out with a page wrote: the blog has been removed.. O.O
Quickly log in to my account
And founded out my account was suspended due to suspicious activity... -.-''
No idea how this situation happened
And wondering what my brother did on my laptop....

2 weeks of working as Structural Engineer
Not so busy yet
Perhaps maybe due to boss not around most of the time
Consequently, not much tasks assigned to me
Well, hopefully will better in coming weeks

Although not so busy yet on my work
But kinda busy during off work time
As I have to manage my study, my fitness, my sleeping
And sometime be tutor and 'gunner' for my friends.. lol..
Hoping that I could spend some time on starting my research
In which I haven start it at all...
The timing is about just right if start from now

Certainly, should cut down entertainment time to the lowest and most minimum
One shouldn't do the thing which only will do after success
As I'm 23 years old for this year
What am I doing at the age of 24 years old?
Certainly, never ever forget the beginning of the point

7th July 2012

Time flies..

Is being busy for the past whole week
As I started my career
As design engineer at a Civil and Structural consulting firm, Perunding CSS, Puchong
Is a small and still expanding firm,
Yet, the very young and energetic spirit and culture make the whole office very lively..
4 young boss, 4 young engineers, 2 draftsmen, 1 trainee and 1 admin
So, everyday I'm learning
Hopefully I could fit myself well into my company ASAP

Time pass a bit too fast?
Whenever during kid
I always, maybe not only me, as I believe a lot of people also think in the same way
The time pass too slow
But as we grow up
1 day is still 24 hours
But it seems like the time pass too fast

Whichever activity, which in not really necessary category
Should be reduce
Perhaps, limteh/yumcha?
Perhaps, basketball?
Perhaps, facebook?

Whichever activity, which is in the necessary category
Should be increase
Perhaps, sleeping?
Perhaps, working hours?
Perhaps, research?

Sometimes yes
Sometimes no
Not the right one
Is thinking which economic term best describe my situation
TR < VC, yet, I didnt shut it down.

1st July 2012

Time flies..

Is the second half of the year
And the first half of the my year ended with colourful and extraordinary adventure and experiences
Mainly in my academic

Well, the second half of the year
Will mainly focus on my career
As an Civil & Structural Engineer

Back from 2 days 1 night journey to north
A very random trip
Our plan: KL -> Penang
At the end,
It turn out to be Ipoh -> Taiping -> Tambun -> Bukit Mertajam -> Penang, Batu ferringhi
Where the whole journey took bout 12 hours
This is what will happen
If you never plan a trip
And u are going with a bunch of crazy fellow...

Doesn't know how long
Will the situation will continue.....
Before I really burst out
An incident
Which shall stop n-times ago
Still continue for n-times
Where the n represent the word 'long'

25th June 2012

Time flies...

A black weekend I had
Met a accident on last saturday
When I was on the way back home from Subang
No one else to blame except myself
Careless in 2 seconds = the accident
Banged a wira backside when turn into a corner

Using limited resources to satisfy human's unlimited wants
Human are greedy
Including me
Sometimes All the time
No matter how great or good you are
A little imperfection is more than enough 
To destroy whatever reputation you build
Kinda down and disappointed actually
Seeing the respond from my parent
Who didn't care and show support
To me
Whenever I have trouble
When some unwanted incident happened
The only thing they do is believe on a person
Who always setting up fire in the family
And blindly kill off other person
With all those non-logic harsh words
I believe 2molo will be an another round of killing session
I ain't going to let myself get kill
I will be the survival

20th June 2012

Time flies..

The registration for my master is done
Will start my postgraduate study on Friday
Back as uni student status again
But is only available on Friday and Saturday
Whereas for weekday, I'm Structural Design Engineer for Perunding CSS

This is my blog
All the content were wrote by me
This mean all of these aren't wrote for fun
Shall execute everything I want to be or my promise
Whichever posted or wrote by me in any post
As the month of July reaching
My life seem to be clearer and fixer
Again, 2 years
To collect the resources, direction and time

Of course
A strong will wouldn't be success
If without a strong and healthy body
Stop wasting my time, time would not wait people
Sleep early whenever possible
Find excuses to sleep early
Don't find excuses not to sleep early
Base on the past
Build a greater Future

19th June 2012

Time flies...

work and earn for others, not for ourself
no 'head' at the end

break the barrier
a 'head' on the top, at the end

Resources, Time, Direction
Are the key
to '立'

Is useless to 打拼 without a clear direction or life goal
Telling myself
2 Years
Rule no.1
Rule no.2
Rule no.3
Rule no.4

Don't waste the precious time.........

14th June 2012

Time flies..

Blink of eye
Another friday is coming......
Time flies.....

Power pack schedule on 2molo
As I have to go to Taylor's University to register my master
and at the same time collect my employment letter if it is ready on 2molo
Supposingly the above two should done on 2day
Somemhow, due to some poor management
Was forced to postpone to 2molo

orang baik
orang baik
Ain't easy to be orang baik
Not to blame anyone
Indeed, i should be thankful and grateful
Give myself sometime
To sort out every every everything......
The beginning of the false

13th June 2012

Time flies...

Didn't know I actually influenced a decision of my senior
Until the Rich Lee told me
"Saw a young grad engineer came into my office for interview today
and recalled that was me in that situation last year
Recall how eager I was to join as consulting engineer
Gonna continue striving and say bye to resignation"

Somehow, I want to strive as well
When I be part of the company start from next month!

12th June 2012

Time flies..

First destination: Perunding CSS
A really unexpected destination
Everything happened too fast
How fast?
From appointment to interview to confirmation of employment
Everything happened in less than 24 hours
Very fast only ma... LOL
My primary task will be in structural design for low rise building
While the remaining tasks include infra and dealing with authorities

Will start the job on 2nd July
This means I actually 2 more weeks to rest
I want to do some homework, strengthen my basic foundation
And probably learn how to use the software which is using by Perunding CSS

Don't rush
Step by step
Path to success is form by step by step
3 months probation
Rule no.1: We never give up
Rule no.2: We always work hard
Rule no.3: We always crave for new knowledge
Rule no.4: If we ever think to lazy and give up, go to rule no.1,2 and 3

10th June 2012

Time flies...

A funny incident in this morning
Where a stranger old uncle and aunt thought I still at the age of 16
When I told them my age, 23
The only believe with a very shocking and unbelievable expression
When I told them I doing my master soon..

No reason time for me to slack, lazy or snaking around
2 years, very fast only
After some good rest in past 2 weeks
Maybe, is time for me to make my decision
Without giving any excuses anymore.

I do believe
In every industry
They have their own rules of house
They have their own systems
They have their own formula
Understand the rules of house
Create a sustainable system
Inserting the right formula
Perhaps, this is what I should learn in this 2 years

9th June 2012

Time flies..

Besides environmental factor
The personalities, characteristic and thinking of a person
Is highly related and dependent to their friend
Yup, proven

Is always good to see persons around me
Doing better, better and better
This always motivate and drive me to do better than them
And ahead of them

Give all of us a 2 years time:
- Rule no.1: We never give up
- Rule no.2: We always work hard
- Rule no.3: We always crave for new knowledge
- Rule no.4: If we ever think of give up and lazy, go back to Rule no.1, 2 and 3
To achieve the main target we agreed:
Be dragon head dai ko/dai ka jie in next 2 years and be the youngest ever group of leader in Malaysia construction industry

7th June 2012

Time flies...

2molo is Fridayy..
A day which every working person looking toward it?
Perhaps soon I'm one of it? XD
Maybe yes maybe no
Depend on the job I have
As I haven't apply any of them
Still considering some concerns on the travelling time issue

A question to myself:
What am I doing at the age of 24?
How the whole industry will change?
What will my achievement in by age of 24?
Change + determination -> Improve

One thing I understand is
The oldest age people worked hard and earned hard
And store their money in bank
While the modern people think hard
To generate income for their own, using people money, by promising them with 'attractive' return
Which this agreement was tied to a lot of restrictions
Through the middle man and rewarding the middle man with even higher rewards than the owner?
The game of paper, which create imaginary economic

5th June 2012

Time flies..

Second day of allergic
Will be third day on 2molo
Based on 5 days normal distribution curse
2molo will be the worst
But, I'm hoping for better condition on 2molo
As it distracting my mood
To do anything except lazying in the home

I wish I could go to the pearl of the orient
To relax relax
And get some inspirations from there
Before deciding my career

3rd June 2012

Time flies..

Have a big big BBQ at my house
On yesterday
With a bunch of seniors, coursemate, juniors and lab officer
After yesterday
Unsure when we will have such gathering
Or greater gathering

Busy growing my mushroom today
Woke up at about 2.30pm
As expected
Immune system disordering again
Due to the alcohol on yesterday BBQ
Feel kinda weak
Doesn't want to work anything
Just sleep whole day

Emo? Emo?! Emo?!?
Well, I wouldn't said I'm emo..
Because I din't emo also.. haha
Maybe this is the transition
From studying life to society life
Although starting my master soon
In which I going to be a student again
Is not going to the same as compare with the past student life
Bearing the burdens and responsibilities

tak boleh tak boleh tak boleh.....
dont blinded by the eyes

31st May 2012

Time flies..

Is the last day of May, a very happening May
Ended the day by yumcha with my seniors, my buddies and my juniors
Perhaps, this is the scene which can't found in any other uni
Where senior and junior can be so close
Sitting a mamak
Blow water till donwan to end like that
Appreciate such moment
Such situation is going to be lesser and lesser
As everyone will start busying with their new chapter of life

Starting to understand the situation, thinking and feeling of my hengtai, lekmon
By seeing the current position
I'm more lucky than him
Just, everything be simple, as I make it
Because I truly understand our position
Long run is much more important

ok, the end of May means the starting of June
Rather thinking finding a job
I should ask myself
What is my objective and how to achieve it
Still, haven't look much thing
Which is sufficient to give me a clear idea
Wishing each of everyone of us
Who start work soon:

30th May 2012

Time flies...

Went to Taylor's University Lakeside Campus today
To enquire my postgraduate study
Between Finance and Management
I choose
MBA major in Finance
No reason
Feel that I love Finance more than that of Management.. XD
Will start my master in the week of 18th June 2012

Maybe a lot of people will ask
Why don't I continue my master in engineering
My optimum answer will be
I have studied engineering for 4 years
Is time for me to study and learn
Ampai ampai finance and money
Furthermore, my interest still in Economic and Finance

1 and a half year duration
Throughout this period
I have no idea how my life will be
And I believe
Not only believe, is including determination and trust
Is going to be amazingly wonderfully challenging..
Working and studying at the same time

looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
A job which will suit my time
And I could learn alot alot alot of thing
Take time to search
Most important
The job can suit my requirements

28th May 2012

Time flies..

Couples of day to go
For me to rest myself
Patiently waiting the arrival of June
Another important month in this year
Which its mirror another chapter of my life and career
Or basically everything of my life

Somehow, I have to said that I still miss Setapak life.. haha
Maybe because I have too much of great and wonderful memories
With all my friends
In which I still wish to continue to have it with them
But this is life
At this moment, we apart at this junction
But we will meet at another junction at another moment

When I made the decision
I ad decided
To follow on it
Without allowing any other thing
To distract me from my path
And I don't think an explanation is needed
Just keep everything as usual
Or more usual than that of before
Almost repeat the same mistake
Must remember
Words from grandpa, grandma, datuk, parent, teacher and history
Standing on position I standing
I totally have no right to act without thinking
I totally have no right to act without caring the consequences
Stay strong
Stay alert

27th May 2012

Time flies...

That is the end of 5 day 4 night lovely CI Graduation Phuket Trip
Although the overall schedule is kinda messi..
but it still a happy and lovely trip
As long as we are gathered up
There will be full of the sound of laughing and happy.

After this
It will be difficult for us
With that amount of people
To gather up
And have a trip again
And pattern again
As everyone will busy with their new chapter of their life
I wish each of everyone of CI 08
Happy Graduation
And all the best in respective new chapter of life
Lets meet again at another junction of our life

Final semester examination results out on thursday
And I'm 3 仔
Graduated with Second Upper title
The target I set when I first step into my degree
So, mission accomplished
After some tough battle.. haha

Was disconnected to the world for bout 5 days
During my phuket trip
And during that period of time
This actually allow me to actually think deeply
Things happened around me
And everything can be related to a scene: Human crossing the road
After every consideration
I made a decision for my next move
I will work full time as an Civil Engineer
And at the same time study MBA part time
Tough? I have no idea how tough it will be
But I never expect something easy in my life
Because we have to pay for everything
Prepare to pay more when expecting something easy
This is what history taught
And is applied to everything

20th May 2012

Time flies..

Finally I could enjoy my HOLIDAYS
a true holiday for myself
where i nonit to rush, stress or pressure anything
Just eat, play and sleep

Went to JL's hometown, Pengerang again on last thursday
But this time, we got more members following us: han cheong, wei soon, ever sim, ing ying and yiwen
We bought our passport together along
So that we could enter Singapore, since it just beside Johor.. XD

We departed from Setapak around 6pm
As we done our works at 4 something
Have our dinner at Serdang
And continue on our journey
Reached Pengerang around 12.45am

Well, paid visits around Pengerang on next day
Right after we had our breakfast
In the evening
We went to Desaru, the beach sides
Where all the pattern pattern people do all kind of pattern again
Of course, I'm one of it.. XD

I would regard last Saturday as one of my happiest and lovely day in the year
For the first time, I went to Singapore
Reached Woodland Checkpoint
Took 170 bus to our first destination, Bugis
To find Yiting
The whole journey in bus took bout 1 hour and 15 minutes
Unexpected long.. lol
Have our lunch over there
And here we go, Sentosa
Spent whole afternoon over there
To tengok tengok, main main, angkat gambar
have our simple dinner at Vivocity

Back to KL on sunday
Is a memorable, relax, lovely trip
Especially the Singapore 1 day trip

Is 20th May 2012
Happy 520 again
My lovely junior... =)

Hopefully i'm powerful enough......

13th May 2012

Time flies..

I have some free time to update some moments in my life
After 1 year foundation + 4 years degree
I'm unofficial graduate from my Bachelor of Hons Civil Engineering
On 12th May, 11am after finished the last paper, Engineering Economic
After photo session
We had our lunch at Together Cafe
Follow by that was pool + guys talk session at BrewBall

Having mixed feeling at the moment
Time really flies..
5 years passed
I going to leave utar very very very soon
Right after I complete my research assistant task
And submit 2 conference papers
For sure
I'm going to miss all my utar's friends, coursemate and juniorssss
I believe that we still got the opportunity to meet up
Because the world very small only ma.. XD
And Klang isn't very far from Setapak, approximately 1 hr
Got free time, then yumcha loh.. haha

Next: enjoy my holiday
Before finalized my new path

9th May 2012

Time flies...

A very simple and basic question to myself:
Am I ready for it?
Doubted myself
And based on the reaction
I'm assured
I ain't ready for it
Action will be taken whenever I'm 100% for it
No matter what is the consequences.
Without compromising the consequences.

Oh ya..
Countdown 3 days
To my last paper in Civil Engineering
Engineering Economic is promoted to 1st of everything
Important + Urgent

Waiting the right time to
Unfold the untold

8th May 2012

Time flies..

Just when I thought I finished my master class FYP report and thesis paper
And preparing to hand up
And I could relax after this
Out of sudden
I have to write 2 more papers
for submisson to IEEE conference, titled: Sustainable Utilization and Development in Engineering and Technology 2012

I should proud of myself
As my works are qualify for submission to conference
Besides, from the data and figure
I actually can form and submit 2 papers
1 FYP report + 3 papers in 1 month time
My brain was yielded to the max
In return
I got very high satisfactory yield
As I got the chances to present my works to the world
As I got the chances to learn how to write a journal paper
As I got the chances to learn and experience something which not much undergraduate student can do on it
From all the above
I really wish to express my gratitude to my FYP supervisor, Dr.Lim
For his countless and patient guidance and teaching.

Lets pray and hope
My submission will be success
And my papers will be accept and adopt into Scopus or ISI. =)

7th May 2012

Time flies...

Going to finish up my FYP report and thesis
After almost a year of hard works
Few more corrections
And I'm done
'A' in the pocket. =)

Back from yumcha
And counting down the day left
Where we actually can come out, sit down together, blow water together at mamak
This will be a rare occasion when we graduates from UTAR
I'm appreciating every moment and time left
Must not compromise the values of Family and Friend
While driving myself in my career

In deep oxymoron state
The timing just isn't the right one
While I'm rushing with the time
Maybe too much unknowns
Which awaiting me to answer 
One by one
Using very limited resources or idea

6th May 2012

Time flies..

Looking at the mix proportions
Looking at all the data
Looking at all the results
It still can improve especially in term of it cost
Without compromising it strength and density

No point for me to keep sighing
Without trying or doing anything
Although the time seen to be quite insufficient for me
I will do whatever I could do in within the time left

Keep up my efforts
Keep up my hard work
Keep up my dream
Reformation is possible and can be done by me
And Yes, I can do it

2nd May 2012

Time flies...

It can be the first in Malaysia
or maybe the world
Lightweight foamed concrete
Density: 900kg/m^3
28-Day compressive strength: 4.0MPa
but when no one know the existence of it
or no one appreciate it
It still remained as shit valueless
Unless the world know bout it
And appreciate it
It is all my hard work
It will be my precious baby all the time

maybe not only applicable to it
Might also applicable to it owner
I should change further improve the way I think
A small and tiny thing might be useless
But it could be playing a vital role during critical time
Which it can influence and change the whole consequences
It depend on how the thing was valued
How the thing is used based on its value during the situation
This is the story of Pidgey vs Onix
Never give up
Always change and adapt according to situation
Fail at present doesn't means fail at future
Fail at once doesn't means you will never success
The most important point is:
Present the value, change and adapt according to situation.

Countdown: 10days

1st May 2012

Time flies...

I shall said that
Two years ago
On this day
Is the turning point of my life
Keeping and holding on the promise I make
I'm proving myself
in this two years
Should continue on at the present and the future

Coutdown 11 days
To my last paper of my Civil Degree
And at the same time maybe my degree life
5 years in UTAR
Is long long time
But time really flies.

Real life and Dream life
I own a formula
It is a breakthrough of bottle neck
Which it can be the first in Malaysia
And most probably the first in the world
What is my objective?
This is a very good question to myself
As it is like asking myself
The reason i start this research
Costing is the main reality problem
Which it might slightly higher
Nevertheless, I should be proud of myself
In succeeding what people have failed to do

28th April 2012

Time flies..

Taylor University, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Will be my next destination?
Is an ordinary relax afternoon
Out of sudden
My mum talk to me
And she signaled me
To go there take my master
After I done my Civil Engineering degree at UTAR
Somehow, I haven't make any final decision
relax and enjoy first... XD

Is 428
A remarkable day in Malaysia history
Bersih 3.0 + Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia rallies
100,000 people
Were on the street

I didn't join the rally
If I'm 4 years back
I will join
Understanding the position I'm standing
Understanding the responsibility I'm bearing
Or I shall said
I truly understand the purpose and the message trying to bring by the rally
I will use the vote on my hand wisely
during the next general election

Yang berusaha telah berusaha
Sesungguhnya berlakunya kekasaran
Antara pihak berkuatkuasa dengan rakyat
Ia telah menyatupadukan seluruh rakyat Malaysia
Tak kira apa-apa kaum dan umur
Dan ia membawa maksud kepada pemerintah Malaysia
Yang Rakyat, adalah berada di pangkat teratas
Bukanlah pegawai-pegawai atau menteri-menteri yang dipilih oleh Rakyat

26th April 2012

Time flies..

Knowing the time left
The moment
I woke up in the morning
I knew
I was one step nearer to the last day
As UTAR student

Was freak out by a call, from my friend
As he passing instruction from Dr.Lim
Asking us to submit my FYP draft on 2molo
Nothing wrong with the submission
Just, it is the wrong timing
When I was working and doing hard for my Dynamics revision
Which I going to take that subject paper on this friday
My rationalized brain told me: just do the dynamics
Don't care the report first
Thanks to Jiun Leong, Dr.Lim postponed the submission date to next monday
1 day away
Focus, Focus and Focus

Maybe I too kepochi
But, Somehow
Quite worried some of my friends
One, because of relationship problems + academic pressure -> Ever Sim
One, because of poor academic result -> Jiun Leong
Hoping all the best for them
Besides doing what I could do for them

25th April 2012

Time flies...

Maybe this applied to every human on earth
Which always sometime including myself
Due to the changes of the trend, the environment, the real life

Human always think they are the best
They deserve the best than concurrent
They can found a better than concurrent
Sometime or Most of the time
Nope, it wasn't when they founded out they missed the best in their life
Missed out the best and its belongs to others
No other to blame except yourself

People are blinded by what they see
True story?
The time prove everything
Unfold the Untold
I just need to carry on my life, add-on values in it, improve it
Rather than doing unnecessary thing to impress someone
As I described on the above

What is Failure
Definitely, is not an embarrassment
People who laugh at people failure
Is weak person who always cover up their failure
Rather than face it, learn from it and lastly improve it
Failure at present doesn't mean failure in future
Most importantly, be strong and tough
To go against it

Little surprise and unexpectedness for me on today
Receive a message from Alvin on this afternoon
Last week he was asking me to yumcha
I postponed to this week as I was outstation for the whole week
As I thought it was a normal yumcha session
He suddenly introduce me Amway
Quite shock and surprise
Because really unexpected
But, I still listen to what he trying to present to me
And maybe I should thanks him
As his word
Actually awaken me
Not because of Amway
But is what I wishing and wanted in the past and in the present and in the future
To build and achieve something great together with a group of buddies I trusted
Yup. This is the best answer to my question on myself

24th April 2012

Time flies..

Rationalize the brain frequency
To keep myself
Knowing the distance
Knowing the yes
Knowing the no
Knowing the possibility
Knowing the short run
Knowing the long run

Remember the past
Remember the advice
Be Rational

23rd April 2012

Time flies..

Another remarkable day
When the word 'last' was added on to whatever you are doing right now
You will know
You are not far away
From ending the thing soon

I have my very last presentation for my Bachelor of Hons Civil Engineering
On today
Is a FYP presentation
Titled Lightweight Foamed Concrete Incorporate with Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA)
Supervisor: Dr.Lim Siong Kang
Moderator: Dr.Lee Khia Min

Was rushing the report by hoping that I could pass up the draft on today
Somehow, there are a lot of parts haven't done yet
Luckily, managed to done the results part
Which is the main main points for my presentation
Blows for about 10 minutes
A very unexpected quick and short Q&A session
The end...

4 days away to my last second exam paper, Dynamics
17 days away to my last exam paper, Engineering Economic
After that?
Rest and Enjoy and Plan and Initiate

Maybe in that case
The only thing I could do is create positive energy
Where this positive energy is much more important
In allowing breaking through the current situation.
Try my best.

21st April 2012

Time flies..

That's the end of UTM International Bridge Model Competition 2012
Failed to lift up one of my promise to myself
Kick the team to the success
The only consolation we got from this competition
Is the Silver Award for our Bridge of Sun
Well, this competition shall be the last time
We: me, tatming, mah, zhen wei and wanshing
grouped together
and take part in competition
Thanks for all the trusts and believe putting on me
Somehow, I'm sorry
I failed to lead the team to success
Which we are hunger for
Although we failed at this point
I strongly believe
From the experience we past down to our junior
They will able to do something for us
Achieving what we have missed out

I can feel and imagine how the situation was
For that night
I truly wish I was there
It will remain as dream
Not putting too much hope on it
Just keep a distance away
The only thing I could do is
Knowing where is the limit
Do the right thing at right time

A Thousand years...

13th April 2012

Time flies..

Was busying with all my thing
Till I have the little extra time to mark down all the thing happening
Around me recently..
Somehow, I really wish to start my 1st post in april today

Talking back what I was busy in recently last semester
Of course, I will back to same old topics
FYP, assignments, events, leading

13th April
Truly is a remarkable day for me
I went to mamak yumcha with sim, mcc, kathao, ervin, ever, yiting, yennee till 4.15am
Went back home re-do my Engineering Economic assignment
Expecting I can finish it in within 2 hours
Manatau drag till 8am+ only finish..
It is still a very high efficiency ratio assignment.. XD
Then attended my LAST lecture and tutorial class in my degree life
Didn't notice bout it till saw my friend posted a comment on it
Really time flies..
Yet, more remarkable thing still coming
Today is CI Movie Day
Very first course in UTAR to have such event
Where students from same course gathered up
To forge and have interaction between seniors and juniors
88 of us watch Battleship, follows by 57 person yumcha at Steven's corner

yeah.. today is a day to remember
after all the amazing and stunning thing we did
CI Family
Is glad and great to see CI family
Is getting stronger and stronger
Is getting more and more unite
These positive cultures
Which are incorporating slowly into them
Will definitely create a positive atmosphere
Which is very benefits to their personal development

Time to sleep
After 1day+ didn't sleep

28th March 2012

Time flies..

When the right time met opportunity
And I'm grab it
The followings are possible and got chances:


25th March 2012

Time flies..

there goes another weekend
a relax and healthy weekend
I should said

emo, emo and emo
Of course
Don't misunderstood
I ain't the one emo
Friends around me
Mostly or in other word,
Everything started with the word, "PROBLEM"

Maybe is the revolution of the generation
Where the generation is slowly changing
From independent to dependent
Due to this revolution
Current generation tends to actually evade problems occur
Or, in general, they can't handle themself when they facing the problem
This will be the starting point
Where they actually starting to loss their point of direction in their life

For once,
I was in the case too
I managed to out from the mist
And I think
This is a must go through point
In every single person life in the world
In order to actually grow up and improve

The only thing I could do is
Sharing my personal experience to them
Hoping that they will actually make up their mind

"Knowing the direction
And just go for it"

23rd March 2012

Time flies...

Say Anything...
I have alot of thing to say
Is not the right time
To say out
To speak out
To express out

I am waiting the time...
I am waiting the right time...
To make any move
The next 2 months
Is going to be decisive month
On my future...

Never give up
I'm close to the answer
Work hard
Work smartly
Work brilliantly

21st March 2012

Time flies..

Kinda surprising..
I would said that
At the moment
The only person
Who really understand
What is going on
What am I doing
Dr.Lim SK
My FYP supervisor

Going to finish my degree SOON
Mixed feeling.....

16th March 2012

Time flies...

I have the confident
I can get 4.0 for density less than 1000 for 28-days
This is the commitment to myself
Seeing others as my inspiration
To work hard
And To achieve my dream

Simple life
Define it
I shall said it depend on personal comfort zone
As long as one is happy with current life
Knowing what they want
Knowing how to achieve what they want in future
This should be classified as simple life
Whether the progress
Is tough
Or Is difficult
Or full of resistant
One can't achieve simple life if they never put any efforts in it

As I said
Knowing what you want
Definitely is the most important
Is like inside a deep forest
Doesn't know the direction
Definitely increase the danger probability
Which may lead to hurt and damage to yourself

15th March 2012

Time flies...

Really flies..
Is thursday
Another week ending soon
Pass this week with some tight schedule
As usual
Spent most of my morning and afternoon
At Campus
Besides attending lecture and tutorial class
The rest of the time
I will be at Civil Lab
To do concrete casting

Have submitted the bridge model competition proposal
On yesterday
Hopefully will be selected for final round competition
Miss out the green idea proposal submission
The due date was 13th March
While I thought it should be on 2molo

Done a quick health screening by NKF on today
Overall are good, but not excellent
Except sugar content in my bloos
Doesn't know really is affect by the lunch i took this afternoon
Or i shall control my eating habit. XD
Kurang manis for whatever drink i ordered
Shall do more exercise -> jog more & basketball =)

Competing with time
I don't have much 7-day left
I don't have much 28-day left

14th March 2012

Time flies..

Patient, patient and patient
But do i have the time to patient?
Watching the time passing
Although there is a positive progress
Somehow, need a great breakthrough
Urging my babies to have breakthrough in term of strength
Trying my best

Follow my ways
Based on
What I see
What I learn
What I know
What I can

12th March 2012

Time flies.

Countdown: 60 days in UTAR

The draft of final exam timetable is out
My very last paper in UTAR will be on 12th May 2012
Time flies....

After 3 months of trial and error
I can taste some 'sweet head'
I knew we shouldn't stop at here
Because we ain't at the top yet
A little 'sweet head' is a momentum for us to go further
Keep going till the last day

Alot alot alot of to do thing in my list
Yet, I still slacking like a boss
Waiting last minutes, so that very high efficiency will turn on?
Was forcing myself out from comfort zone
To do so
I really need a superman physical and mental..lol

"Knowing what I want
Just Do it"

6th March 2012

Time flies..

No inspiration to do proposal
No inspiration to do assignment
No inspiration to do other people assignment
Here goes
An Inspiration-less night
All my works are suspended
Until the inspiration came

6th March
Really counting down my days in UTAR
tons of works haven settle
2molo will be last batch of my FYP casting
After tat is waiting the days and take results
Hopefully everything is ALRIGHT

I have taken out my babies from the steam curing tank
Looks nice and stronger
Somehow, based on my observation
The strength is still haven reach the minimum requirements, 4.0MPa
Shall wait for another 21 days, which is the 28-day
Hopefully the pozzolanic reaction continue on...
Urging all my babies to grow n grow n grow
I shall see their 7-day strength on 2molo... excited!

I duno
but i trying hard to give a try
And forcing myself
Breakthrough or failure
Fail until success to breakthrough myself.

3rd March 2012 II

The only 遗憾 for tonight
Is she turned down my invitation

What if she agreed to be my partner for UTAR Ball 2012?
A question I never thought of
Make a big different?
Maybe yes
Maybe no

Either yes or no
I still have to attend the Ball
Her present could make big different for tonight
And for my life

Without her presence
Tonight is still a great night
With all my classmate, coursemate, uni friends....

I would said that
I can have thousand of trial and error in casting concrete
an error in handling this matter could actually cost me a friendship
Which I afraid of

Thinking too much
Following the fate...
DOing the right thing at right time
Will lead me to the truth

3rd March 2012

Time flies..

Counting down the moment at UTAR
Never ever regret to be part of CI 08 big family

Especially after today UTAR Ball 2012, Croisiere de Milan
I can conclude that
We are the best that UTAR will ever see in terms of unity, insanity, group outings, group events, group photos
We have occupied 4 tables out of 66 tables
The only course who have the most number of table
Our voice was loud enough to rock the ballroom
We are crazy enough to make the event rocks

Is glad that
Each of everyone of us
Is so appreciate the moment
Where we are together

Is a great and memorable night
Is a great and memorable moment
In my universiti's life

Is march
Is time to divert my concentration
To my study SERIOUSLY

26th February 2012

Time flies...

Environment, are the beginning of everything
Create, build and determine
A person
Certainly, I ain't going to be like him
Never ever

Is the end of another weekend
After 2 days of busy moment
Shall continue back on my track
FYP, Research, Assignment, Studies, Task, Clubs and Societies

Knowing what is the problem
Identify what is the problem
Trying to rectify it
That is how to increase the possibility of the desired outcome
Although at the end, it might not be the what I want
At least, at the end, I improved myself

Again, I really have to admit
I'm noob in that
A ten years?
A hundred years?
A thousand years?
A million years?

23rd February 2012

Time flies..

I'm doing a personal research
On super lightweight concrete
This research is to fulfill my personal interest, curious and challenge

To challenge a breakthrough in concrete technology
Isn't an easy task
Especially when the concrete density has directly influence on concrete strength
Hope I can breakthrough the industry
And making my research a great success

Somehow there are some problems to solve
Including the argument of the word 'green'
Dear babies, I urged u all to stay light
And stay strong at the same time

"I have no idea how far i'm away from success
The only thing I know is
If I give up, I will never ever reach success"

19th February 2012

Time flies..

I knew what is the problem
How should I face the problem

Is needed at this time or later?
Is necessary at this time or later?
Is still early or is the right time?

Wei wu Wei
To Think without thinking
To Act without acting
To Go without going

This if life
Or maybe more specific
Lim Ooi Yuan's life

River flown in you

1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012

Time flies..

After less than 2 months time
From planning to preparation
From preparation to event day
We,CI 08 did it

Yesterday was a great great great day
With a participation of 26 teams
Plus 34 committee members
Plus an advisor
Plus Nehemiah Soil Reinforced Sdn. Bhd. career booth
Together making 1st UTAR Build and Break a great success

Feel great that I can lead whole CI 08 to organize this event
Feel great that we, CI 08 can contribute to UTAR before we graduate
Feel great that the participants have achieve the objective of the competition

I would like to dedicate my words of gratitude to:
- Pek Chew Piling Sdn. Bhd.
- Nehemiah Soil Reinforced Sdn. Bhd.
- Dr Lee Min Lee, advisor
- My parents
- My buddies
- Participant
For making this event a great success

那些年,我们一起 organize event
My uni life, no 遗憾 anymore. =)

"We Build Your Future" (CI 08, 2008)

17th February 2012

Time flies..

Is friday
The busy week isn't ending here
But will extend to 2molo!
2 events + 1 test
Filled up all my timeslot in this week

Organized tug of war on tuesday
Everything went smoothly except during the final
Where the rain starting to rain
Was forced to postpone to thursday
Was in Team MILO
We managed to enter final
And had hard fight with TEAM QS
Before we lose to them in final round
Anyhow, WELL DONE team

Wednesday was dynamics test
Instead of studying
I spent more time on 1st UTAR Build and break Competition
As many problems occurs
And it actually distracting me
Disallow me to really focus on my revision
2 questions, only know 1
No excuses on it
Shall do better in remaining coursework and of course, the final

Is the DAY
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012
Orgaized by CI 08, using the name of department of Civil Engineering and IEM Student Chapter
Feel very excited

12th February 2012

Time flies..

Started my sunday with a healty morning
Woke up at 8am
Because got some jiao kia (Andrew, Dickshen and lekmon)
Yesterday suddenly said want go taman botani to jog during limteh
Depart from my hse at 9.10am, and reach there about 9.40am like tat
Went in Taman Botani and do siao till 12pm.

We had our lunch at klang famous laksa.. hehe
Long time didnt go there and eat ad
As usual, ordered laksa wantan mee.. NICE!

Went to movie
With Andrew, Dick, LekMon, Joanne and Joaryn during the afternoon
Watched The Grey at Bukit Tinggi Aeon
A meaningless movie
I would said
Nothing much except some scary scenes

Had family dinner
At old place, Restaurant Seri Kemuning aka below palm oil tree
The chef changed?
Somehow this is the feel when i eating the dishes
the food is still nice..
and I became MPK again
SAPU whatever left over food.. XD
So full...

Is going to be a very challenging week
1 test + 2 events
Stay strong
At least
till the end of this saturday!

11th February 2012

Time flies...

Shoot without thinking shoot
Drible without thinking drible
Block without thinking block
I just do what I want to do
Without any restriction
Got feel
My fitness
Restrict me to go wild

First basketball session in this year
And definitely
I enjoyed 100%
Just like the basketball belongs to me

Long lost feel?
Or I shall said
This is the first time
I have this feel
It was so great.......

10th February 2012

Time flies..

Here come to the end of friday
Another week passed
Was preparing for next week big event during this whole,
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition

1 week away
Everything is on the right track
Except the participation rate
Which, i have to act like a train
Pulling and kick all the 'balls' in UTAR

Is doesn't matter who do more job
Most importantly
We are on the right track to achieve our goal
I'm glad that I'm in a great family
With a bunch of great family member
We are showing our unity
To the whole campus
Proving that
"United we stand
Divided we fall"

A question to always remind myself:
Am I really ready for it
Else, remain everything the same
Maybe I really not ready for it yet
Knowing what I want
And definitely
For now
It didn't at my first place

"There are no way to regret on what u are doing
The only thing to do is solve problem and do it the best"

7th February 2012

Time flies..

Chinese New Year has come to the end
Shall said that i had a great Chinese New Year this year

eating holiao
With my friendsssssssss
This is how i past my Chinese New Year

Is glad that i met a great person on last saturday
Mr. Pua Khein Seng, Founder and CEO of Philson Electronics
Which is also the inventor of USB flash memory
He gave a talk, titled 'Driven to success'
he prove to me that
my theory is on the right track.. =)
I brought lekmon along with me to attend the talk
I think this Mr.Pua talks definitely give him some ideas to the situation he facing

Grandma was admitted to hospital again
Almost ffk the dinner
Until mum said i can go after the dinner
Dropped mum and dad at Sunway Medical Center
Then meet up with they all at sunway pyramid
Visit grandma right after the dinner
Hope grandma will recover soon
And stay healthy

2012 Dragon Year - Cho 6

Happy Chinese New Year

Is Cho 6

Supposingly follow family to a new year gathering in the morning
Somehow, very tired
After daysss of busy and packed schedule
Continue sleep on the bed
Till FFK-ed my family... =X

Went to JoJo house in the afternoon to bai nian
With andrew, chooyeong, dickshen and shereen
Again, we gamble lagi
Partner with andrew as banker
Won RM10+

After that, the same gang went to my house
With additional people, the girls
Peiling, suling, joanne and joaryn
Again, we gamble lagi
Partner with andrew as banker
Won RM20+

LOL, somehow I really paiseh to win so much
And as expected
Mum sure ask a lot of questions
If got girl's friends come to bai nian.. XD

During the night
Went to the twin, Joanne and Joaryn's house
They prepared nasi lemak
The nasi lemak was my breakfast + lunch + dinner
Quit delicious
Again, we gamble lagi
Won RM3

Ok la, is CNY, happy enough
Win or lose
Just few bucks
Not really see it that important
Most important, everyone is happy

Tomorrow is Cho 7
Shall i said that 2molo is the last day of my holiday?
Is going back to campus
After a whole work-less week

2012 Dragon Year - Cho 5

Happy Chinese New Year

Is Cho 5

Went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco
To watch "Ah Beng"
With andrew,dick and shereen
Continue do siao with them at Dragon-i and Mcd till 3pm
Dick's hse -> my house -> Tessie's hse -> Andrew's Hse
The only activity at each house is GAMBLE
Siao liao.. XD

Received a bad news
My 'koh liao kong' passed away on today
Greatest condolence to Lee's Family
Quite sudden actually
Still seeing him during re-union dinner
And today
he passed away peacefully

Life is unpredictable
Every moment u still can open your eye
Appreciate it
Fill the life with wonderful moments

2012 Dragon Year - Cho 2

Happy chinese new year

Is cho 2
As usual
Went to 'zhek gong' hse bai nian
The same question pass through my mind
Whenever I went there
Somehow, I did not ask why to myself
Just telling myself
Not now, work hard, is future

Went to andrew house bai nian during night
With a big gang of friends
Which included waiyee, jeffrey, chooyeong, kahmun, shereen, joanne, joaryn, peiling and tessie
Gamble, wasn't my interest
But since is new year and request from public
Played 2 hands
Is lucky to won few bucks.. haha
But I macam hai shereen lose few times..lol... really paiseh

I just realized
The last I went to grandma house
is last chinese new year
This is something I couldn't believe
Feel very bad to myself

Grandma house is the beginning of my everything
From there
I have my childhood memories
I build up my strong character
Thanks to teaching from my 'di gu' and 'ber gu' and my grandpa
Without those moments
I definitely isn't standing at the current position I standing

Happy Chinese New Year!
Tomorrow is Cho 3
Enjoy! =)

2012 Dragon Year

2012 Dragon Year!
Happy Chinese New Year
Is new year
Is reunion dinner again

This year Lim's family reunion dinner is same with last year
We had our reunion dinner at Restaurant Lan Hua
First word came out from the mouth when we meet each other is
As usual
After the reunion dinner
Is the time to receive again
Ya, have received it continuously for 22 years
This year will be 23rd times

I'm one year older
This is a good sign
mean that every year I do improve
mean that every year I do gain knowledge
mean that every year I do gain experience
mean that every year I do grow up

Once again, wish everyone
Happy Chinese New Year
All the best in Dragon Year
Like a dragon, so strong, so energetic!

21st January 2012

Time flies...

A number of days passed since my last post
Wanted to post some updates
Somehow, I had a busy week and some bad days in between my busy week

My final semester has begin on monday
Counting down 14 academic weeks + 2 examination weeks in UTAR
And I will graduate from UTAR

Was busying with 1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012
For the past week
Done and settle a lot of works
And there is a giant leap in our progress
From poster, to registration form, to publicity, to sponsorship
Certainly, I would like to say a thousand thanks to wanshing
For bringing us a good news
As I realized, most of organizing team members
Which included our advisor, Dr.Lee
Are concern and worry about our activity funds
Her good news definitely stabled and boost the whole organizing team morale
The party isn't stop at here
And will continue on till 18th Feb 2012

Besides good news
I have received some bad news as well
Jiun Leong's grandma was admitted to ICU in last saturday
and passed away on thursday
A very sudden and shocking news
Seeing her good and healthy
Chit chatting with her
Eating durian with her
While i visited jiun leong kampung 2 weeks ago

Full of unpredictable arrangement
All of this
Are the tests given
To make us stronger.
Rest in peace
Greatest Condolence to Jiun Leong's family.

Is a mixed week for me
And I learned alot during this week

Is last second day in chinese calender
Shall declared that I have done and finished all the job
I should done before new year
Shall enjoy Chinese New Year
Like a boss
Happy Chinese New Year
Wishing a greater and colourfull year ahead

The following are the promo video for 1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012:

12th January 2012

Time flies..
Another thursday ending soon

Sleep early,
one of my new year resolution
Failed to carry it out successfully
12 days after a whole new year
Only about 2-3 days i managed to get myself sleep before 11.30pm
Shall be more determine

Yesterday went to Pavilion with Andrew and Xin Yi
Initially they plan to buy some apparels for cny
Somehow we are late
Due to traffic jam
When we finished out dinner, all the shops are closing ad
Therefore, we have a walk around bukit bintang and KL area

Didn't expect the first thing she ask me
Is the concrete which I have promised her last year
To give her 50mm x 50mm x 50mm concrete cube
Stunned for few seconds when she ask me bout that
Really paiseh..haha
Coz somehow i totally forgot the concrete cube is in my temporary memory loss zone.. :p
Shall make some for her ASAP

A bit lazy and slacking
Especially in this few days
Maybe due to the lab work
Which make me quite tired + insufficient of resting time
Tons of works waiting me
Very fast only ma..haha
Finish it fast
And celebrate CNY without any worry behind me

Kinda pressure actually
Surrounded by FYP, 1st Build and break Competition, Bridge Competition
Seeing the time flying like a boss
And there are alot of uncertainties

Need to cast some other specimens for other test
Waiting results from my babies..
Hopefully everything is ok
Please don't give me some weird results

For 1st Build and Break Competition
Have send out mails to potential sponsors
Yet, haven't receive any feedback from them
Next week is commencement of new semester
Shall start promote it to student in next week
Thanks god the poster and registration is out
Next, Promotional Video! Need inspiration to make it attractive

For Bridge Competition
I can feel that
something, which is important, is/are missing
Or it totally never exist at all
All of that
Just for their own purpose
Just for their own motive

That all for today
Time to sleep
9am, Civil Engineering Territory again

"If I never stand up
I will never learn
And I will remain as the same person in the past"

10th January 2012

Time flies..
This is my 300th post for my blog

Back from Pengerang, Sungai Rengit, Johor yesterday
That is Jiun Leong hometown
The place where he was borned
The place where he grew up

Experienced long lost kampung lifestyle
Pengerang is a small town
Located about 100km away from JB
The town isn't so develop
It still keeping the kampung smell
No shopping mall
No any others entertainment
Only got the only fast food restaurant, Marrybrown
Palm oil garden
Fruit garden
Seaside fisherman
But people at there live happily
They have their own activities to spend their time
They have their own memories
All of this
Only in Pengerang

Stayed at Jiun Leong house for 3 days 2 night
Ate wild boar curry, cooked by his mum, delicious!
Ate durianssss, Bitter + excellent taste!
Somehow, the most impress part is the open durian tool
Which custom made by his father
Only in Jiun Leong hse
Put the durian at the middle
One of the holder is fixed while the other one is flexible
Just pull the flexible 1 to side
Then the durian is open!

Final semester reopen in less than one week time
It going to be busiest semester ever!
And of course, the most colourful semester ever!

"Talk big, act nothing, is a loser
Talk nothing, act big, is a winner"

5th January 2012

Time flies..

Time really flies...
In my case
Time flying like nobody business
Is thursday again
The week going to end soon

Was hiding at campus lab
And spend all of my semester break
with sand, cement, water, POFA and concrete
Oven dry sand, Sieve cement, Sieve sand, Cast concrete
All of this process
Took away my morning and afternoon everyday

One week to go
Before my final semester commence
Time flies...
And I still got tons of works to do

The responsibility getting heavier and heavier
As the time goes on
Shall cope with it gradually

"Get small thing done rightly and correctly
Before the big thing"

1st January 2012

New Chapter of year

Passed my last day of 2011
with 5 batangs:
ah mah, tatming, micas, ah sim and han cheong
Have bak kut teh as our lunch
Went to play pool
Went to Sunway to pass the last few hours of year 2011

A happy ending leads to wonderful beginning

Is another new year
Life continue goes on
May 2012 is a great year
May 2012 is the best year up to now