7th December 2011

Time flies..

Time really flies...
Tomorrow is thursday
Another week ending soon
Yet, busy life continue on
Deadline = Unknown

Received a great news from Dr.Goi on today
Yesterday tatming and me had a discussion session with him
Regarding Build and Break competition
Where we wish to establish a R&D fund for that competition
So that the competition will continue on after we graduate
3 months processing period is the main problem in our discussion
As we wish to organize the competition in February
And today, I receive his personal call
The R&D fund for Build and Break can establish in 2 weeks time.
I really appreciate the effort from Dr.Goi
Certainly, our hope is every UTAR Civil Engineering student will be benefits
From the fund established.

Not feeling good
When seeing friends surrounding me
Are unhappy
But was forced to be happy
To hide the true face
Wish to help them
But still in learning stage
Can help much except be their listener
And keep it as secret
Hope everyone will carry on their life
With a big smile on their face

"Every guy is a guy,
Every girl is a girl"
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