14th December 2011

Time flies..

Will have the only final exam in this short semester
in 5 days time
Started reading the notes today
thinking whether do anything goes into my mind???
Hoping I could maintain or increase my CGPA
Especially during this critical moment

Looking back
Thinking back
Rewind back
All the journeys
I had went through
In the pasts

With my family background
Except my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts
Who have watching and observing me throughout the journeys
No one will actually believe what I have went through
A journey which totally differ with my relatives and siblings

Despite the differences
I'm very grateful and appreciate
The differences
In my life
In my journey
Which have lead me
To the position I standing today

To the promises
I made
Directly or indirectly
I will keep it up
and carry out the best

"When the time is right
Just do it"
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