31st December 2011

Time flies..
Here goes the last day of year 2011!

2011 was a busy year for me
Especially the second half of the year
Which I had busy with club, society, academic and competition
And I shall said that 2011 so far is the best year in my university life

In year 2012, I expecting myself to continue busy
Especially in first half of the year
Which is also my last semester in UTAR, unless otherwise specify
Time flies..
Appreciating every moment in UTAR

A happy ending leads to a wonderful begining!
2012 is better than 2011!

28th December 2011

Time flies..

At last...
Started the second part of my FYP
After on hold for about 2-3months
Due to busy and tight schedule

Received a mail from Dr.Lee
Informing me
UTAR top management have approved our proposal
Regarding organinzing
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition
This mean
The event is going on
And at the same time
The R&D fund established
In contributing to UTAR
In contributing to Civil Engineering
In contributing to juniors

"Be the foot to kick the ball
Rather than being a ball to be kick by the foot"

27th December 2011

Time flies..
Left few days to go
Before entering year 2012

Time really flies...
For every round the clock turned
Although it still go back to 12
But it no longer the same moment

Although kinda early
But already have some new year resolution in my mind

Hoping a great year ahead
Not only hoping
Should make it as great as possible

I have to work harder and harder and harder
At the same time
Maintaining and improve my health
Trying to sleep early when possible
Have some jogs when possible
Have some basketball when possible

There are a lots of thing
Which I still need to learn

Nothing can be done perfectly
A strong mental and physical

"Think big, Do big, Enjoy big "

21st December 2011

Time flies..

Finally finished the only final exam in my short semester,
Wastewaster treatment
On monday

Although kinda busy
I going to give myself
A couple of day
To rest and relax
I going to play and enjoy
Like nobody business

Shall start my 2012 6 days earlier

14th December 2011

Time flies..

Will have the only final exam in this short semester
in 5 days time
Started reading the notes today
thinking whether do anything goes into my mind???
Hoping I could maintain or increase my CGPA
Especially during this critical moment

Looking back
Thinking back
Rewind back
All the journeys
I had went through
In the pasts

With my family background
Except my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts
Who have watching and observing me throughout the journeys
No one will actually believe what I have went through
A journey which totally differ with my relatives and siblings

Despite the differences
I'm very grateful and appreciate
The differences
In my life
In my journey
Which have lead me
To the position I standing today

To the promises
I made
Directly or indirectly
I will keep it up
and carry out the best

"When the time is right
Just do it"

My Sunday

Time flies..

Long lost moment
Long lost memory
Feel very great
All are coming back
After quite some time
Went to SP Play basketball
With some old gang
My first since the last incident

Refurnished court
With new basketball rim on the other side
All the wonder memories
Still there

Have some air balls
Have some nice balls
Have some great assists
Have some power up
Have some blocks
Have some steals

No matter how
I shouldn't stop basketball for no reason
Not necessarily for me to be the greatest
But I would put my best in it

"Face it, Make the right choice
The past doesn't mean the future"

11th December 2011

Time flies...

Is 2.20am
Supposedly I should be on the bed
Sleep sound
Somehow,I still surfing net
And turn out to be here

Finally the proposals are done
Shall submit to respectively lecturers in coming weeks
Just realize
I going to be very busy
Until the day
I graduate from UTAR

Have a nice dinner and drinking session with some long time no see friends
Jeffrey, SuLing, Joanne, Joaryn and LeWei
Realize that
While I was walking my University journey
I have miss out or neglected some moments with friends and family
Hope to spare some time with them in near future
And at the same time without affecting my university journey.

8th December 2011

Time flies..

Is thursday
Is the day for public lecture on Seismic Retrofit Research at the University of Ottawa
The speaker is Prof. Murat from University of Ottawa
The whole lecture is talking bout Seismic Retrofit
Although not really understand Prof.Murat lecture
Somehow I still have some rough idea on it

What am I doing when I at the age of 24?

At the age of 24
He received his first recognition from the industry,
2005 Endeavor Australia Cheung Kong Award
In acknowledging his efforts and contribution in Earthquake field
In the following year
He won Li Ka Shing Prize and Norman W.M Ko for his best Phd Thesis of The Year

Dr. Tsang Hing Ho
A researcher from University of Hong Kong
A this very young stage
He ad having some very colourful achievement in his life
Despite his excellent achievements in Earthquake field
He still continue on his research
His purpose: to help more people and minimize the death and injury when earthquake happened
Currently serving as a member of the International Advisory Panel in the Earthquake Code Committee of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.
Full of respect to him. *SALUTE*

Wondering how do I do when I at the age of 24
Perhaps I should tell myself
Don't lose to Dr. Tsang Hing Ho
Do better than him

River flown in you

7th December 2011

Time flies..

Time really flies...
Tomorrow is thursday
Another week ending soon
Yet, busy life continue on
Deadline = Unknown

Received a great news from Dr.Goi on today
Yesterday tatming and me had a discussion session with him
Regarding Build and Break competition
Where we wish to establish a R&D fund for that competition
So that the competition will continue on after we graduate
3 months processing period is the main problem in our discussion
As we wish to organize the competition in February
And today, I receive his personal call
The R&D fund for Build and Break can establish in 2 weeks time.
I really appreciate the effort from Dr.Goi
Certainly, our hope is every UTAR Civil Engineering student will be benefits
From the fund established.

Not feeling good
When seeing friends surrounding me
Are unhappy
But was forced to be happy
To hide the true face
Wish to help them
But still in learning stage
Can help much except be their listener
And keep it as secret
Hope everyone will carry on their life
With a big smile on their face

"Every guy is a guy,
Every girl is a girl"

2nd December 2011

Time flies...

Graduating in 6 months!
I going to miss every moments passed in this 4 years...
...In UTAR

The organizing team for UTAR 1st Build and Break Competition ESTABLISHED!
In corporate, there is something called corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Maybe I will call this as Student Social Responsibility (SSR)
This is a gift and contribution
From my class, 2008 May Civil Engineering
To UTAR and our lovely junior
Before we graduate