Nike We Run KL 2011

Time flies..

Nike We Run KL 2011
My first public marathon
Participated it with my CI 08 mates
Under College/University category

Although lack of training
Although lack of fitness
After some busy moments since the starting of my final
Is in good shape
Conquered it in 1hour and 8 minutes
Ran 7km before rest for 1km and continue on to the finish line
I would said that is the desire and determination
To achieve some positive result
To build up my confidence
After some negative moment in past few days

UTAR Kampar Run Top 3: me, tatming and hancheong (Count from behind)
Finally revenged and achieve unbelievable result.
Tatming is the first among CI 08 member
I'm fourth...hehehe
Han Cheong is around seventh

Many are surprised especially jiun leong
Because for Kampar Run
I actually couldnt run at all
Because the day before, CI 08 having beering session
Because of that, I have immune system disorder (allergic)

Somehow, they still duno yet
Once upon a time
I was marathon champion during my standard 4,5,6
I was top 20 marathon during my form 1,2,3,4
For form 5, i actually became first aider...XD

Is pleased that my fitness still there
Should balance up
In between my academic, my co-curricular and my sports
Well done to everyone
Who finish up the race
In within 2 hours
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hai, congratulation..1 hour n 8 mnt not bad for 10 k distance but next time you can make it below 50 mnt...actually this run is not a marathon..what we cal marathon is when the distance is 42k(full marathon) or 21k(half marathon)and also got ultra marathon..below than that distance we x cal it as a marathon...just for correction...:-)

  2. Emily C. Says:

    that's so cool! at least you ran! exercise more ba! haha :)