25th November 2011

Time flies..

The end of Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
A very disappointing ending
Dreamed dream stay as dream
Perhaps I should add another word in: 'Forever'
"Dreamed dream stay as dream forever"
My second last course-based tournament in my degree life

another failure
crushed our heart and emotion
The worse case is......(secret among us)

We have tried our best
We have put best effort
We showed our creative and innovative
We enjoyed the process
We showed tremendous team work
Together we build out our children
Although is a very disappointing ending
We still proud of our works and children
Because all of this
belong to our group memories
Un-replaceable with any other thing
Would like to said thanks to all my mates
For all this wonderful memories with u all

After some stressful period
After some busy period
After some sleepless period
Is time for me to rejuvenate
Learn from mistake
Learn from past

Dear Mates,
Let do it in out next and the last competition,
Bridge Competition!
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