Nike We Run KL 2011

Time flies..

Nike We Run KL 2011
My first public marathon
Participated it with my CI 08 mates
Under College/University category

Although lack of training
Although lack of fitness
After some busy moments since the starting of my final
Is in good shape
Conquered it in 1hour and 8 minutes
Ran 7km before rest for 1km and continue on to the finish line
I would said that is the desire and determination
To achieve some positive result
To build up my confidence
After some negative moment in past few days

UTAR Kampar Run Top 3: me, tatming and hancheong (Count from behind)
Finally revenged and achieve unbelievable result.
Tatming is the first among CI 08 member
I'm fourth...hehehe
Han Cheong is around seventh

Many are surprised especially jiun leong
Because for Kampar Run
I actually couldnt run at all
Because the day before, CI 08 having beering session
Because of that, I have immune system disorder (allergic)

Somehow, they still duno yet
Once upon a time
I was marathon champion during my standard 4,5,6
I was top 20 marathon during my form 1,2,3,4
For form 5, i actually became first aider...XD

Is pleased that my fitness still there
Should balance up
In between my academic, my co-curricular and my sports
Well done to everyone
Who finish up the race
In within 2 hours

26th November 2011

Time flies..

Woke up at 6.15am
Just to go to Titiwangsa Lake
To have some last minute training
For Nike We Run KL 2011

Something wasn't too right
Started to lose our direction?
Started to questioning ourselves?
Self-solving in line with time?
Or initiate it our before thing get worse?

When people are down
They tend to do their favourite thing
And that day right after Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
The first thing in my mind is basketball
Which is once my everything

Due to the environment changes
Due to person responsibilities
Restricting and limiting my involvement in basketball
Yet, I never regret
Don loss my direction
Refer to starting point when there is a mist
I should get myself stronger, stronger and stronger

25th November 2011

Time flies..

The end of Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
A very disappointing ending
Dreamed dream stay as dream
Perhaps I should add another word in: 'Forever'
"Dreamed dream stay as dream forever"
My second last course-based tournament in my degree life

another failure
crushed our heart and emotion
The worse case is......(secret among us)

We have tried our best
We have put best effort
We showed our creative and innovative
We enjoyed the process
We showed tremendous team work
Together we build out our children
Although is a very disappointing ending
We still proud of our works and children
Because all of this
belong to our group memories
Un-replaceable with any other thing
Would like to said thanks to all my mates
For all this wonderful memories with u all

After some stressful period
After some busy period
After some sleepless period
Is time for me to rejuvenate
Learn from mistake
Learn from past

Dear Mates,
Let do it in out next and the last competition,
Bridge Competition!

18th November 2011

Time flies..

Countdown 6 days to competition
Is rushing the preparation throughout the whole week
And this will going to continue until the competition day

Urging our children
To stay strong
To stay outstanding
To stay handsome/pretty

Pretty much works to rush
Especially the drawing,
Which giving me alot of trouble
Due to the not user friendly software
And some complicated part of the drawing
With limited drawing feature
Have to get the inspiration soon
Coz no time for me to waste anymore

Is glad that everyone in my team are leader
Which they know what they should do
By just giving them simple instruction
Maybe this is something I learn
In the past 4 years
Trust my mates
Believe them

Final round,

13th November 2011

Time flies..

UTAR Trekathon 2011
Was Successfully held at Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya
marathon at hill slope
My first experience for it
Quite Super challenging
Especially the steep slope
Which it draining my energy at unusual rate
Even though I was walking only
Finished 7.5km in 45minutes
An unexpected finishing time
Especially my fitness level is about 50% only

When there are rooms of improvement
And time are allow
Restart from the beginning will be a very good choice
I urge, our children and concept will stand out at the tournament.
Countdown 11 days......

11th November 2011

Time flies...

Is 111111
A normal day with special date
A day where all the number one met

Countdown 13 days from Nehemiah Design Competition
Dreamed a dream on this morning
Dreamed my group are the champion for this competition
Somehow, I believe that this isn't only my dream
This dream belongs to all my mates

Well, is still early to saying this
Right now, the most important is
We put best efforts in our respectively task
Stay Strong and Stay tough
Just to ensure that we are closer and closer to our final goal:
Emerge as Champion for Nehemiah Design Competition 2011

2nd November 2011

Time flies..

"Everyday, I live with a purpose,
To make today better than yesterday."

Positive progress
On our model preparation
On our design amendment
On our total progress

Somehow a small problem occur
Obstructing the progress
Problem is mean to solve

Continue go on...
countdown: 22 days

1st November 2011

Time flies...

Last second month in Year 2011
Is a very busy period during this second half year 2011
And, still keep on busy
Maybe is more to like testing my time management

Currently putting full forces in Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
Thinking whether we left out anything?
Thinking whether we neglected anything?
Thinking any improvement on our concept

Since Build and Break Competition
I Realize....
Although we lose in that competition
But actually we won
Everyone in the team learnt the mistake we did
And we grew up
Ya, we lose but we won

"Emerge as champion is not an easy task
Thay why champion is champion"
Everyone may only see the front side of a success
But no one will know the pathway to the success
Hope our children will be an outstanding model