Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011

Time flies...
After 2 months of countless hard works and efforts
For all the preparation
We got well paid back
In Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011!

The competition was organised by Politeknik Kuching
Co-organised by UiTM, UTHM and Concrete Society Malaysia
A total of 28 teams, included my team
Comprises of university student, politeknik student and university/politeknik lecturer
Participated in this competition

Never stop since the first day
From fund request to mix proportion
From concrete density to concrete strength
Day after day
Come after one by one
With strong determination and never give up spirit possesses by me and my mates
We manage to overcome it

And today
We (UTAR) emerged as the biggest winner for the competition
We sweep 3 of 4 categories:
-Strength and Lightness: 1st Runner up (35MPa and 1560 kg/m^3)
-Poster Presentation: Champion
-Overall Champion

We kept up our supervisor expectation
Making the whole world proud of us
Utmost gratitude to everyone
Who have walk together with us throughout the whole competition period

Well Done
To my Mates and our Children!
We have did a great job!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    well done!. i am one of the officer of Politeknik Kuching Sarawak. I need your comment about the competition to improve our management next time. thank you