Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011

Time flies..

1st Oct 2011
Was the day for Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011 (APUBBC 2011)
Which was held at Uniten
I'm in one of two teams representing UTAR in this competition
I team up with my mates
Consists of Chun Chiat, Wan Shing, Tat Ming and Zhen Wei

We were given a file case
Contained satay sticks, scissors, masking tape, ruler, tape ruler, A4 paper and a hook
And based on the materials given, we are required to build a structure
According to the requirements stated
And the structure will be assess
Based on the length, ability to take load till 1kg and the structure weight

Except Chun Chiat and Tat Ming
Wan Shing and Zhen Wei were new members grouped into the group
We show tremendous teamwork, effort and understanding
Throughout the competition

We managed to come out a structure
Which attracted attentions from judges
The longest structure with 1.41m span length
A very stable structure with almost zero or little deflection
After 1kg load was applied

Our structure was too conservative
This caused a heavy weight was imposed by our structure
0.339 kg as compared to others
Which is less than 0.2kg or even lower than that
And this subsequently reduced our efficiency ratio
And cost our placing drop drastically

I seriously hate the feeling of lose
Especially when the whole team were in confident
We can win at least a prize
We back home with empty hand
Maybe a little negative comment on the competition format can be the excuses for us
As the competition should be "Build and Break"
Where loads will be apply on structure until failure
And the structure serviceability should be take in account too
Rather than "Build and Test"
Where the maximum load apply is only 1kg

Well done, mates!
We should be proud of our self and the structure we built
As it represent our efforts and teamwork
A longest, most stable and very tidy and beautiful structure
As compared with other structures
No pain No gain
This is our very first tournament experience
Learn from this experience
Looking forward on upcoming tournament
We shall do lots better in upcoming competitions

1 Response
  1. De'din Says:

    it will be more fun if build and break,,
    our team changes stratergy when know it not for break,,
    just 1 kg,,
    so, we decide just try our best
    and it worked even not as winner :D