6th October 2011

Time flies...

Is a day after 14th day since 21st September 2011
Hope tonight I could post something positive and very excited
Regarding my children strength
Remember stay strong and healthy, my fellows children!

Competition, competition and competition
Lately, I was busy with various academic based competitions
Perhaps failure in last competition, which was my very first too
Gave me a very good experience in participating a competition
And directly and indirectly boost up my DESIRE

To win a competition
Somehow we need to go beyond normal
Come out with something
Which make people around us
"Whoaaa..., Ini bagus, ini bagus.."
That why Champion is Champion

What most important right now is
A Strong mentality
Which can constantly come out with something new and daring
Which can make decision fast and accurate
In any circumstances...

Best wish to me, my mates, our children and our design!!
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