27th October 2011

Time flies..

Make a decision
At this very last moment
Decided to give myself a needed break
Joining my course mates to Kuantan trip on tomorrow

Initially I had agreed to join the trip
Due to an unexpected arrangement
I have to take over Mr.Alvin task
As Clashes of Utarians Basketball Game Manager

I'm kinda exhausted
With tons of workloads
Ranging from fyp, clubs, competition
Felt that I seriously need a long break
Before I could be 100% fit again

I do not have much time for that long break
At right time
I shall give myself a break
Although is a short one
A day or two will do

Therefore, I'm trying to pass the task to my junior
Is tough decision for me
As they still new
But I strongly believe they can cope with it
This is the trust
Which they gave me from past experience

Hope everything will go smoothly on Sunday
And hope that I could gain something from this trip
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