14th October 2011

Time flies..

Is Days-23
Our children were taken out from lime water curing tank
Current undergoing intensive weight reducing program
Hope to see them grow healthier and stronger
And manage to pull their weight down!

Last semester final examination out
A little bit surprise on it
But is still within my expectation
Is determined to work hard for the remaining subjects
And of course, my FYP as well

3 days before submission of technical poster
For Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
I cant deny that I learn a lot
Since the beginning of the competition
You need inspiration
You need to be creative
You need to be innovative
You need to think differently
You need to be brave
You need strong mentality

Rather than following exactly other people suggestion
Innovate it with inspiration and creative
Think differently and brave enough to suggest and implement it
Support it with data and facts
Rest when you stuck, cause it will lead you to longer journey

Trust, is fragile and hard to build
I'm glad and thankful
To have a bunch of mates
Who placed their trust and faith on me
I shall not crush the trust
Do my best and the best
Help them to win the competition

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