27th October 2011

Time flies..

Make a decision
At this very last moment
Decided to give myself a needed break
Joining my course mates to Kuantan trip on tomorrow

Initially I had agreed to join the trip
Due to an unexpected arrangement
I have to take over Mr.Alvin task
As Clashes of Utarians Basketball Game Manager

I'm kinda exhausted
With tons of workloads
Ranging from fyp, clubs, competition
Felt that I seriously need a long break
Before I could be 100% fit again

I do not have much time for that long break
At right time
I shall give myself a break
Although is a short one
A day or two will do

Therefore, I'm trying to pass the task to my junior
Is tough decision for me
As they still new
But I strongly believe they can cope with it
This is the trust
Which they gave me from past experience

Hope everything will go smoothly on Sunday
And hope that I could gain something from this trip

24th October 2011

Time flies..

Back to KL
After spend 5 days in Kuching
First time went to east Malaysia
Although the density population is not as high as in KL
But the environment is perfect, low pollution and the air is so fresh
Tons of photo
Kinda lazy to upload right now

Just wanted to give a try
On every chance and opportunity offered by me
Is the challenge
In making me stronger and stronger

Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011

Time flies...
After 2 months of countless hard works and efforts
For all the preparation
We got well paid back
In Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011!

The competition was organised by Politeknik Kuching
Co-organised by UiTM, UTHM and Concrete Society Malaysia
A total of 28 teams, included my team
Comprises of university student, politeknik student and university/politeknik lecturer
Participated in this competition

Never stop since the first day
From fund request to mix proportion
From concrete density to concrete strength
Day after day
Come after one by one
With strong determination and never give up spirit possesses by me and my mates
We manage to overcome it

And today
We (UTAR) emerged as the biggest winner for the competition
We sweep 3 of 4 categories:
-Strength and Lightness: 1st Runner up (35MPa and 1560 kg/m^3)
-Poster Presentation: Champion
-Overall Champion

We kept up our supervisor expectation
Making the whole world proud of us
Utmost gratitude to everyone
Who have walk together with us throughout the whole competition period

Well Done
To my Mates and our Children!
We have did a great job!

17th October 2011

Time flies...

Another sleepless night
Was rushing Nehemiah Design Competition 2011 for the past few days
Endless work, even until today, the submission deadline for our technical poster
We managed to come out our poster
And hand to Dr.Lee in time

Realize that we need to sharpen our idea
By supporting it with more facts or prove
Rather than waiting and daydreaming/blow water
Next: Build out the model and information gathering

Racing with it right now
Hope I could keep up the pace with time


14th October 2011

Time flies..

Is Days-23
Our children were taken out from lime water curing tank
Current undergoing intensive weight reducing program
Hope to see them grow healthier and stronger
And manage to pull their weight down!

Last semester final examination out
A little bit surprise on it
But is still within my expectation
Is determined to work hard for the remaining subjects
And of course, my FYP as well

3 days before submission of technical poster
For Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
I cant deny that I learn a lot
Since the beginning of the competition
You need inspiration
You need to be creative
You need to be innovative
You need to think differently
You need to be brave
You need strong mentality

Rather than following exactly other people suggestion
Innovate it with inspiration and creative
Think differently and brave enough to suggest and implement it
Support it with data and facts
Rest when you stuck, cause it will lead you to longer journey

Trust, is fragile and hard to build
I'm glad and thankful
To have a bunch of mates
Who placed their trust and faith on me
I shall not crush the trust
Do my best and the best
Help them to win the competition

8th October 2011

Time flies..

Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011
Is less than 2 weeks away
Everything are doing well
After all the hard works and efforts and pressure since August.
At least, I could feel some consolation before heading to Kuching
A little bit problem
Which I shall aware of it and carefully handling it
Hope I can get super strong children with no wrinkles on it

Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
The competition date is on 24th Nov 2011
But we have to submit a technical poster
On 17th Oct 2011
Before we can proceed to final stage

Is about one week away
Has consulted Dr.Low KS
To have brief idea
To really win the competition
Our design have to be more outstanding
We need some really very different feature from others
From that moment..
This no longer classified as easy or hard
Is a challenging task
Challenging our critical thinking
Our mental and our physical as well
Hope at the end
Our group will emerge as the champion for Nehemiah Design Competition 2011

6th October 2011

Time flies...

Is a day after 14th day since 21st September 2011
Hope tonight I could post something positive and very excited
Regarding my children strength
Remember stay strong and healthy, my fellows children!

Competition, competition and competition
Lately, I was busy with various academic based competitions
Perhaps failure in last competition, which was my very first too
Gave me a very good experience in participating a competition
And directly and indirectly boost up my DESIRE

To win a competition
Somehow we need to go beyond normal
Come out with something
Which make people around us
"Whoaaa..., Ini bagus, ini bagus.."
That why Champion is Champion

What most important right now is
A Strong mentality
Which can constantly come out with something new and daring
Which can make decision fast and accurate
In any circumstances...

Best wish to me, my mates, our children and our design!!

Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011

Time flies..

1st Oct 2011
Was the day for Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011 (APUBBC 2011)
Which was held at Uniten
I'm in one of two teams representing UTAR in this competition
I team up with my mates
Consists of Chun Chiat, Wan Shing, Tat Ming and Zhen Wei

We were given a file case
Contained satay sticks, scissors, masking tape, ruler, tape ruler, A4 paper and a hook
And based on the materials given, we are required to build a structure
According to the requirements stated
And the structure will be assess
Based on the length, ability to take load till 1kg and the structure weight

Except Chun Chiat and Tat Ming
Wan Shing and Zhen Wei were new members grouped into the group
We show tremendous teamwork, effort and understanding
Throughout the competition

We managed to come out a structure
Which attracted attentions from judges
The longest structure with 1.41m span length
A very stable structure with almost zero or little deflection
After 1kg load was applied

Our structure was too conservative
This caused a heavy weight was imposed by our structure
0.339 kg as compared to others
Which is less than 0.2kg or even lower than that
And this subsequently reduced our efficiency ratio
And cost our placing drop drastically

I seriously hate the feeling of lose
Especially when the whole team were in confident
We can win at least a prize
We back home with empty hand
Maybe a little negative comment on the competition format can be the excuses for us
As the competition should be "Build and Break"
Where loads will be apply on structure until failure
And the structure serviceability should be take in account too
Rather than "Build and Test"
Where the maximum load apply is only 1kg

Well done, mates!
We should be proud of our self and the structure we built
As it represent our efforts and teamwork
A longest, most stable and very tidy and beautiful structure
As compared with other structures
No pain No gain
This is our very first tournament experience
Learn from this experience
Looking forward on upcoming tournament
We shall do lots better in upcoming competitions