The end of Y4S1

Time flies...

12/9/2011 Concrete Structure Design and Analysis
14/9/2011 Concrete Technology
15/9/2011 Engineering Application in Environment
19/9/2011 Geoenvironment Engineering

At last...
After 9 days of battle...
My Y4S1 final exam are DONE!
It was like a huge rock, just taken off from my shoulder
Which I feel much more relax and pressure-less
Exam result?
Should be release in 3-4 weeks times
Got high confidence in every paper except
Dr.Jeff Concrete Structure Design and Analysis
Is the first paper
And I still cant breakthrough this weirdo case:
Hardly do well in my first paper
Anyhow, I did my best on the rest
Hope the result will be above my expectation

That's the end of my Y4S1
Will have 3-4 weeks of holiday from now on
Should rest myself well..
After a super super busy and tired semester

Part of my holiday has been allocated to competitions..
Hope all my efforts will pay me off well
2 subjects to go
in a short and long semester
Time flies...
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    All the best^^
    Got time visit me 2~