23rd September 2011

Time flies..

Holiday ad?
Holiday ad??
Holiday ad???

Yes, is holiday
Yet I still back to campus everyday
Willingly and happily
this feeling just cant describe in more specifically way
Others ain't going to understand the feeling
Until one day, when anyone else standing at my position at same situation
I believe, they will do the same thing as I does...

The blessing from the God
Guidance and enlightenment from advisers
Hard work, determination and teamwork from mates
And some lucks, not perhaps, but is absolutely...

We found the right formula for our 'children' to the competition
A very shocking strength, possesses by our 'children'
Which shocked and stunned everyone
Including us

Hope that our 'children' will continue stun us
With their super incredible and unbelievable high strength possesses
And is in within the density required

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