20th September 2011

Time flies...

Is 20th September
One month away to 21st Oct
The day....
Which Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011 will be held

Was busy preparing for the competition since August
Proposal for fund request,
Trial Mix and testing,
And the preparation was stopped since entering September
As FYP I report submission date and final exam is around the corner
Resumed the preparation on today
And today definitely is greatest day in the preparation of the competition

First, fund was approved at Faculty level and pending at UTAR top management level
Glad that our participation received unlimited positive support from Faculty,
Dr.Lim SK and Mr.Lim JH, our supervisor
which worked hard in helping us and convincing the Faculty
Dr.Khoo HL, HOD of Civil Engineering and Dr.Goi BM, Deputy Dean
who shows a lot of support for our participation in this competition

Secondly is somehow an unexpected gain by us
The objective and minimum requirement for this competition ACHIEVED!
Shall not leak out too much information on that
Will unfold the untold when the time is right.. =)

I urge all my 'children' to continue grow and grow
Become stronger and stronger
Another thing is keep the weight at the desired weight
By this, we can achieve more than that
Jia You..!
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