11th August 2011

Time flies..

After blanked for so long...
Is time for me to update or write down my latest status in my life

Is week 11
Will facing super peak period in following 2 weeks
I don't really have much time to sit down and rest myself
Although is kinda tired
Is hoping that my super cell will stay on till the end of my final exam

-An hour assignment presentation on monday, which required me to present for about half an hour and have to prepare well with concrete knowledge, in order to resist shooting from concrete maniac, dr.lim for another half an hour

-A super assignment, due on next friday. Really wanted to start it, but, there are some more urgent stuff to do, which forced me to on hold the assignment

-Sports Carnival on 21st August, have to coordinate all the recruitment

-Final year report due date and presentation getting nearer and nearer

-Preparation for Sustainable Concrete Competition

Well, I think this is the maximum load I can take
before my brain overloaded
and start sloping down..

No matter what,
I shall ensure that, for everything I did
I will definitely put my best effort on it
and finish it in the shortest time
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