Sharing Session with Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee

Time flies..

6th July 2011, one of the greatest day in my Uni life
Met Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee
One of the pioneer engineer in Civil engineering, especially in Geotechnical field
Which he invented and introduce a lot of solutions to problems related to Geotechnical

He was invited to UTAR
For sharing his past experience with students
As IEM Student Chapter-UTAR is the co-organiser for the event
So, I am one of the helpers , which is the secretariat for registration corner

Due to time constraint
Dato Ir. Hong skipped alots of slides at the ending part
Which we miss out quite alot of his invention
But the front part is fantastic too..

The only imperfection for the sharing session is Q&A session
I distributed some of questions to my friends
Which they are required to ask or edit and ask question to Dato Ir. Hong
End up...
None of them asking any question
Which I have to stand up
And ask Dato Ir. Hong a question
In order to 'protect' the good name of UTAR

Today is a great day
Because I met a GREAT engineer+entrepreneur
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