Archidex 2011

Time flies...

Attended Archidex 2011 on today, at KLCC
The exhibition is about interior design and architecture
Although I'm from Civil
But nothing wrong right if I visit the exhibition
Can gain more knowledge, know latest products and updates in market
Saw alot of innovative and creative products
Which I really impress and salute to it
In term of the design or function or technology..

Tried to jio her out for dinner
But failed due to particular reason
Mixed feeling...XD
Next time ba...
Sure got chance geh...

I'm running with u
I wish u could slow down
But seems like u are running non-stop at faster and faster and faster pace
Increasing my speed is a must
Endless journey
Kinda tired
I would run as far as I could
No matter how tired am I.
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