4th July 2011

Time flies...

Powerpack monday...
1 hour discussion with mr.alvin
1 hour Concrete Technology test
10 minutes short presentation to junior
10 minutes short meeting with FES Dean, Dr.Wang

1 hour discussion with mr.alvin
Is a fruitful discussion
As we discussed events and activities
That have potential to be Sports Club event
But the upcoming is Sports Carnival
The Biggest event, which I looking forward to it..

Done my first test of this semester
Kinda easy test
Or I should said
My effort do paid me =)

Introduced Institution of Engineer, Malaysia (IEM) to junior
Great feeling when I delivering my speech to them
Something like I patiently watering a seed
And watching the seed growing to become a tree

The last is meeting with Dr.Wang
Regarding upcoming talk
Entrepreneurial Sharing Session by Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee
A very successful engineer and person in society
Who has heart to share his good thing with the young generation
Looking forward to meet him on wednesday

A greater day ahead
Good night..=)
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