1st July 2011

Time flies...

1st day in July, is an extra ordinary day for me
A sleepless night to rush Concrete Design Analysis assignment
And first badminton session in 3-4 years with friends after class
how far do my limit can go? the answer remain unknown..XD

Busy month ahead of me
Start from next week:
A test for Concrete technology
A quiz for Application in Environmental
Cube strength testsss for my FYP
Sports Club first meeting since 2011/2012 session formed
Organising 2 talks for IEM Student Chapter-UTAR
Recruitment of participant for UTAR Kampar Run
Softskill programs on weekend
and etc...

I like to challenge myself
but ini macam sudah over challenge myself
or just as Steve Job said
Everything in our life are just like points
We can only connect the points when we look at the back

Is meaningless to declare how much do I sacrificed or paid out
As I just wanted to see the output and result, is worth as much as my sacrifices...
Do not hesitate, just go ahead
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