26th July 2011

Time flies...

Quite a number of days apart since my last post
Which kinda busy + lazy to update my blog
Endless works awaiting me

- assisting in BOSCH car competition, helping my housemate, MERT team
- Sports carnival
- Assignments
- Talks
- Soft skill program
- Meeting
- Assist Dr.Lim in consultancy work
- and the latest, was invited to be GK for utar futsal team
- Concrete tournament (maybe)

Changes, is the only unchanged in the world
Lately, I felt changes
Positive changes? Negative changes?
Time is the only thing to prove it....

Bersih 2.0


A remarkable day in Malaysia history
More then 50k of Rakyat
Stormed into KL
have a PEACE rally
Against unfair and dark polling system in our country

But it turn out to be some sort of chaos
YB Najib gamble back fired!
Tear gas, chemical water were the gifts to demonstrator
With all the brutal and violent treats from Federal Reserve Unit(FRU) to peace demonstrator

Post rally even worse
They are trying to cover what they had did on that day
With some brainless reason and lie
Which all the lies are proven to be wrong
With videos and pictures available in FB

You have the world when you have the Rakyat heart
Right now, their mind is money, money and money only
Good Luck and merry christmas to them

7th July 2011

Time flies..

Sports Club first meeting of new session
Conducted by me..
Before this...
I was merely an meeting attendant only
The position switched
I'm the meeting conductor
There are alot of room of improvements to the way I conducting meeting
Well, I would said that I'm glad
As I founded out this problem at this stage
Which I still have the opportunity and time to sharpen and improve it..=)

A great news
Left 2 batches of concrete to cast for Concrete Technology
Hope to finish it by next week...

All the best

Sharing Session with Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee

Time flies..

6th July 2011, one of the greatest day in my Uni life
Met Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee
One of the pioneer engineer in Civil engineering, especially in Geotechnical field
Which he invented and introduce a lot of solutions to problems related to Geotechnical

He was invited to UTAR
For sharing his past experience with students
As IEM Student Chapter-UTAR is the co-organiser for the event
So, I am one of the helpers , which is the secretariat for registration corner

Due to time constraint
Dato Ir. Hong skipped alots of slides at the ending part
Which we miss out quite alot of his invention
But the front part is fantastic too..

The only imperfection for the sharing session is Q&A session
I distributed some of questions to my friends
Which they are required to ask or edit and ask question to Dato Ir. Hong
End up...
None of them asking any question
Which I have to stand up
And ask Dato Ir. Hong a question
In order to 'protect' the good name of UTAR

Today is a great day
Because I met a GREAT engineer+entrepreneur

4th July 2011

Time flies...

Powerpack monday...
1 hour discussion with mr.alvin
1 hour Concrete Technology test
10 minutes short presentation to junior
10 minutes short meeting with FES Dean, Dr.Wang

1 hour discussion with mr.alvin
Is a fruitful discussion
As we discussed events and activities
That have potential to be Sports Club event
But the upcoming is Sports Carnival
The Biggest event, which I looking forward to it..

Done my first test of this semester
Kinda easy test
Or I should said
My effort do paid me =)

Introduced Institution of Engineer, Malaysia (IEM) to junior
Great feeling when I delivering my speech to them
Something like I patiently watering a seed
And watching the seed growing to become a tree

The last is meeting with Dr.Wang
Regarding upcoming talk
Entrepreneurial Sharing Session by Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee
A very successful engineer and person in society
Who has heart to share his good thing with the young generation
Looking forward to meet him on wednesday

A greater day ahead
Good night..=)

Archidex 2011

Time flies...

Attended Archidex 2011 on today, at KLCC
The exhibition is about interior design and architecture
Although I'm from Civil
But nothing wrong right if I visit the exhibition
Can gain more knowledge, know latest products and updates in market
Saw alot of innovative and creative products
Which I really impress and salute to it
In term of the design or function or technology..

Tried to jio her out for dinner
But failed due to particular reason
Mixed feeling...XD
Next time ba...
Sure got chance geh...

I'm running with u
I wish u could slow down
But seems like u are running non-stop at faster and faster and faster pace
Increasing my speed is a must
Endless journey
Kinda tired
I would run as far as I could
No matter how tired am I.

1st July 2011

Time flies...

1st day in July, is an extra ordinary day for me
A sleepless night to rush Concrete Design Analysis assignment
And first badminton session in 3-4 years with friends after class
how far do my limit can go? the answer remain unknown..XD

Busy month ahead of me
Start from next week:
A test for Concrete technology
A quiz for Application in Environmental
Cube strength testsss for my FYP
Sports Club first meeting since 2011/2012 session formed
Organising 2 talks for IEM Student Chapter-UTAR
Recruitment of participant for UTAR Kampar Run
Softskill programs on weekend
and etc...

I like to challenge myself
but ini macam sudah over challenge myself
or just as Steve Job said
Everything in our life are just like points
We can only connect the points when we look at the back

Is meaningless to declare how much do I sacrificed or paid out
As I just wanted to see the output and result, is worth as much as my sacrifices...
Do not hesitate, just go ahead