5th June 2011

Time flies..

Week 1 done
As expected
Going to be crazily busy for this semester

Started my FYP on last friday
Right now still at initial stage, which is Trial Mix stage
I have to get the right mix proportion
Before I could further my step
Hope to get it done by Week 2
So that I could proceed as fast as I could
And at the same time ensure I'm on the right track

A little bit more to do in Week 2 other than FYP is recruitment drive
For 2 clubs: Sports Club and IEM Student Chapter-UTAR
Most of the committee went to internship
And I have to take up the responsibility
And continue it until the baton is pass to next generation

Right now
My dream
My aims
Encouragement from family member and friendsss
Are the source of momentum
For me to go and go and go...
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  1. Xjion89 Says:

    All the best in chasing ur dreams!!!