26th June 2011

Time flies...

Attended 3rd softskill program- Innovative Marketing Tools by Blue Ocean Strategy
A sudden participation in this program
As I didn't go back Klang during this weekend

Blue ocean strategy
In short
Targeting new group of people or a group of unexpected consumer
By eliminate, reducing, raising and creating value of a product
To make that particular group of people accept the product
Without facing any competition from close competitor

Definitely, I do learn something from today session
But to practice it in real life, is another issue
So, try my best to understand the theory behind and fully utilize it

Time really flies...
4/14 weeks of Y4S1 passed...

I macam learn nothing in class after 4 weeks
My FYP progress macam manyak cepat, tapi macam manyak lambat juga
I macam sedang bull shitting...hahaha
Any how, stick to my aims
Put my best effort in everything I do
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