22nd June 2011

Time flies..

Dusty blog
Shall clean it right now with my updatess

Recently..I'm busy, busy and busy
Academic and Co-curriculum
Have to keep balance in between this 2

Final Year Project (FYP)
Super busy
Lab already be my second home
Cast, sieve, test are the works I doing everyday
Hope all the data are nice and handsome
So that I could get the desired result

Finished Sports Club AGM today
It should be a happy ending
Stepping down as Secretary for 2010/2011 session
I was elected as Chairperson for upcoming session
Something unexpected
Thanks for all my friends who trusted and have faith on me
But decided to step down or be temporary care taker
after deep consideration
Which right now the most important thing is
Do the right thing at right time
Although co-curriculum is important
I shall focus more on my academic at this time, especially is my final year

Isn't an issue
The most important issue is busy with worth
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