26th June 2011

Time flies...

Attended 3rd softskill program- Innovative Marketing Tools by Blue Ocean Strategy
A sudden participation in this program
As I didn't go back Klang during this weekend

Blue ocean strategy
In short
Targeting new group of people or a group of unexpected consumer
By eliminate, reducing, raising and creating value of a product
To make that particular group of people accept the product
Without facing any competition from close competitor

Definitely, I do learn something from today session
But to practice it in real life, is another issue
So, try my best to understand the theory behind and fully utilize it

Time really flies...
4/14 weeks of Y4S1 passed...

I macam learn nothing in class after 4 weeks
My FYP progress macam manyak cepat, tapi macam manyak lambat juga
I macam sedang bull shitting...hahaha
Any how, stick to my aims
Put my best effort in everything I do

22nd June 2011

Time flies..

Dusty blog
Shall clean it right now with my updatess

Recently..I'm busy, busy and busy
Academic and Co-curriculum
Have to keep balance in between this 2

Final Year Project (FYP)
Super busy
Lab already be my second home
Cast, sieve, test are the works I doing everyday
Hope all the data are nice and handsome
So that I could get the desired result

Finished Sports Club AGM today
It should be a happy ending
Stepping down as Secretary for 2010/2011 session
I was elected as Chairperson for upcoming session
Something unexpected
Thanks for all my friends who trusted and have faith on me
But decided to step down or be temporary care taker
after deep consideration
Which right now the most important thing is
Do the right thing at right time
Although co-curriculum is important
I shall focus more on my academic at this time, especially is my final year

Isn't an issue
The most important issue is busy with worth

5th June 2011

Time flies..

Week 1 done
As expected
Going to be crazily busy for this semester

Started my FYP on last friday
Right now still at initial stage, which is Trial Mix stage
I have to get the right mix proportion
Before I could further my step
Hope to get it done by Week 2
So that I could proceed as fast as I could
And at the same time ensure I'm on the right track

A little bit more to do in Week 2 other than FYP is recruitment drive
For 2 clubs: Sports Club and IEM Student Chapter-UTAR
Most of the committee went to internship
And I have to take up the responsibility
And continue it until the baton is pass to next generation

Right now
My dream
My aims
Encouragement from family member and friendsss
Are the source of momentum
For me to go and go and go...