31st May 2011

Time flies..

Y4S1 kickoff
I'm officially final year student
1 year away from graduation

Work harder
Work harder and harder
Work harder and harder and harder
Work harder and harder and harder and harder
Double up my effort

Create miracle
Make impossible to possible
I shall belanja A's for the rest of the subject in this year
I shall do very well and excellent in my FYP
I shall carry out my work and responsibility to my best effort

Go beyond limit in my final year
Paint and decorate it with colourful legend

1 Malaysia Solar Competition

1 Malaysia Solar Competition 2011
Organised by Myrobotz and Pusat Sains Negara
Co-organised by UTAR and UNITEN
The competition is divided into 2 categories: solar car and solar boat
UNITEN in charge solar car event
while UTAR in charge solar boat event

I'm proud to be one of the crew and judge of the competition
The competition is 4 days event
But been to Pusat Sains Negara for 5 consecutive days
As the extra day is used for meeting and briefing regarding the competition

Our job throughout the whole competition: Judge+eat+play+enjoy
This is totally a new experience for me
Happy to work with everyone

27th May 2011

Time flies...

having wonderful moment in my life
pretty much thing to update in My Life Story
I will just squeeze it into this post
as i lazy did not have much time to wrote it in few posts..

Went to P.Pinang trip on last saturday
Originally it was a 3 days 2 night trip
We extended it to 4 days 3 night
And knew a lot of nice and friendly penangite
Which all of them are Lek Mon housemate...=)
Thanks Jye Yng, Billy, Ching Zhong, Swc, Emo, Ho Mama, Shu Mei
For being our tourist
Bring us play around penang
Bring us eat around penang
Will upload the photo and video as soon as I get the photos..

1 Malaysia Solar Competition, co-organised by UTAR
Is fun for being one of the helper/judge of the competition
Went to Pusat Sains Negara for 3 days since Wednesday
And 2 more days to go
Initially I expecting we are required to do a lot of work
And at the end it turn out to be an easy task
We are incharge of Solar Boat competition
Therefore, out attire is slipper+short pant+shirt only..
Super casual+no professional image at all
But, most of the time is visiting and playing in Pusat Sains Negara
Rather than really be the helper/judge at there

My Y3S3 examination result out on yesterday
did pretty well
Just a little bit disappointed to Water Supply and Treatment paper
It was an easy paper
But due to 'technical' problem
It pulled down my GPA
Overall, I still satisfied with the result
Thanks everyone who supported me..=)

Holiday is over-ing
Left 2 more days
Y4S1, Final Year will start on next monday
A very very busy semester ahead
2 Clubs + FYP + Co-Curriculum + SoftSkill talks + Study
Determined to EXCEL in EVERYTHING I DID!!

20th May 2011

Time flies...

Having my semester break since finished my last paper,
which is 7 days ago

2 weeks of break
Finishing the first week
Nothing to do at home
Growing mushroom
watch HK drama

Awaiting my following weeks
As it shall be interesting..=)
Off to Pinang from 21st-23rd May
And will the helper for 1 Malaysia Solar Competition from 24th-29th May

When something went wrong or the desired outcome is not on the right path
Is time to put a brake and stop
Relax and get more information
And GO...

I reinstate
In short run, the world is unfair
In long run, the world is fair

Mother Day 2011

This post should be in my blog since yesterday
Thanks to Streamyx and it common characteristic-downline
I have to delay it till today

First and everything of all
Happy Mother Day to my lovely Mum

Thanks you
For working tirelessly and hard
In organising our home
In concerning our house members

Accept my heartiest apologize
For any action or behavior
That hurt you
I'm sorry...

Wish your dreamsss come true
Wish you happy alway
Wish you healthy alway
I love you, Mum

9th May 2011

Time flies..

30/4/11 Water Supply and Treatment
4/5/11 Highway and Transportation
5/5/11 Engineer in Society
9/5/11 Management Principle
11/5/11 Hydraulic System and Design
13/5/11 Structural Steel Design

4 papers DONE!
Left the last two