I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

I'm a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we founded an Island, 15km to North..."
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we have new member!"
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, our enemy are attacking our ship..."
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we won the battles!"

Being a pirate will be tremendously wonderful experience...
As all the above scenes will happen at anytime, any place and any occasion.

For me, the best 3 things about being a pirate are my goal & dream, the adventurous journeys and my crew

Goal & Dream, is the ignition in doing everything
With the goal & dream of becoming the world greatest Pirate on earth
It certainly drive me to adventure and exploring the sea with the ship
Flagged my own Pirate Flag in every places I went
Never give up, never coward
Just Go Ahead

2 important and best things, The Adventurous Journey and The Crew
Is a must, in colouring my own pirate history
thus, accomplishing my goal & dream in becoming the greatest pirate on earth

How lonely can I be if I was the only person on the ship, travelling around the sea
It will be fantastic if there is more members on the ship
Everyone of us put our life on other crews hand and we are bonded with TRUST

Together, we adventure and explore the sea
Together, we explore new place and island
Together, we fight against the enemy
Together, we share the joy
Together, we share the pride
Together, we achieve the goal & dream
Together, we be the greatest ever pirate in history

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

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