Birthday 2011

Time flies...

4th days after April Fool...
Is a big day in my life...
because I was born on this day, 5th April...

22 years
I went through and experience a lot of so call 'life experience'..
Of course...those 'life experience' I went through is still very very very small compare to the 'life experience' i expecting myself to gain...
This is life..
Everyday we learn
Everyday we experience
For everything we learned and experienced,
it will automatically record in 'life experience'...

I have a very FUN and BLAST birthday on today
My coursemate have a birthday celebration for me and Yi Wen at Mcdonald, Alpha Angle Jusco
Because she have same birth day with me...

Plan A:
They put a layer of wasabi into 2 pieces of cake
and expecting me and Yi Wen to 'cry' while eating the wasabi cake
Who know....
The chocolate cake cream wraped the wasabi particle
And we didnt feel any wasabi effect
Plan A failed!

Plan B:
They wanted us to drink the pure lime....
Who know...
Due to miscommunication problem
My friend mixed the lime with sprite
And we didnt feel any lime effect
Plan B failed!

Plan C:
They pour the colouring water (RED) into balloon
And want to "Angry Bird" me...
Out of 10 ballons
I kena 1 or 2 only....
Plan C considered fail also!!!

I escaped
But I'm pity the following person
As we learned and absorbed the failure

Well, currently is 11.53pm
7 minutes away to enter next day, 6th April
I would like take the opportunity to thanks all my friends, housemate, coursemate
Thanks Timothy, KangWai, Garrett and YeeSian for the sudden Birthday Song on yesterday
Thanks CI May 2008 for the birthday celebration
Thanks for all my friends, family members who wished my 'Happy Birthday'

All of your celebration and wishes my today
the day of the year 2011... =)
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