April Fool 2011

Time flies...
Is 1st April, Is April Fool..

April Fool, is a nice day to fool and prank people..=)
I pranked most of my fren in a FB post!!...hahahaha

To: Lek Mon, Wai Yee, Andrew, Guan Wei, Dickshen, Jeffrey, SuLing, PeiLing, LeWei, Joaryn, Joanne, Diong Diong, Shereen, XinYi, JyeYng
From: Bao Ooi Yuan
Date: 1st April 2011
Titile: My Girlfriend ~~♥

Refer to the title above, hereby I announce loud and clearly: I no longer single anymore.

"I wish my GF would be a very nice girl, who is not materialistic, will not get angry for no reason and is very understanding. Most importantly, not a big spender.". Finally, I founded a girl who fulfilled all the requirement stated. And today I would like to introduce her to all my friends and share the joy with me:http://facebook.com/profile.php?=56483397

♥ ♥ ♥

I didn't know who created the link
Maybe created by Mark Zuckerberg himself to add April Fool Atmosphere
Basically the link work in this way:

Whoever click the link, their profile will shown up.
For example: I clicked the link, so my profile is shown. I
f andrew clicked the link, andrew profile is shown.

All the recipients were so shy when they click on the link...
Because they thought that I confess to them at open and public place...

Happy April FOOL!!!
Hope my friends wont disheart
As I didnt mean anything
Except create some April Fool Atmosphere...=)

Good news for me!!
Dr. Lim Siong Kang accepted me as one of his FYP student..=)
Now is the starting of my busy period
As I need to plan my FYP schedule
Because there are alot of works waiting me
Sieve sand, sieve POFA, cast concretessssss
7 days, 28 days, 90 days, 160 days...
Report I, Report II
Aiming an 'A' from Dr.Lim...
All the best...
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