30th April 2011

Time flies...

30/4/11 Water Supply and Treatment
4/5/11 Highway and Transportation
5/5/11 Engineer in Society
9/5/11 Management Principle
11/5/11 Hydraulic System and Design
13/5/11 Structural Steel Design

Had my first paper of the semester on today
I gave my best, I have no regret on it..XD

When the output is less than the expectation output
Although the input increased
This mean something wrong in between input and output
Strategic changed, 1+1=2 rather than x+y+z=9

5 papers to go!
Keep focus and concentration
Know the goal
Head toward it..=)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi my name is Hensen i am from island of kiribati good to see you bye