21st April 2011

Time flies...
9 days before my first paper, Water Supply and Treatment

So fast yet so slow
Coming to the end of my Y3S3
wow...another 14 weeks just pass like that
with assignments, tests
and of course, the process in doing facing those two thing
just wonderful and unforgettable

Will having 6 papers in next 3 weeks
Shall set some regulations and restrictions for myself
In order to achieve my Goal:
-MUST restrict my Facebook time to less than 1.5 hour, this is the main and primary restriction
-MUST restrict my sleeping time to maximum 6 hours per day
-MUST study at least 15 hours per day

Before that, I have to finish my very last assignment of the semester
a 5-6 pages report
but with 30 marks on it...o.0

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