11th April 2011

Time flies...
Countdown to first Final Paper: 19 days

Is Monday again
Is very very happy to say that
I have a pack and enriched weekend
and is glad that I painting my life colourfully.
and I would definitely continue to paint it colourfully.

On saturday, IEM-UTAR Student Chapter has successfully carried out first ever event since it established, which is about few months back.
Kim Yeong, Me, Tat Ming and Boon Kang were the event organising committee
With the blessing from everyone
And efforts shown by us
And supportive respond shown by the student
And Choon Wai, Ah Mah, Jiun Leong, Hua Jian and Henry for willingly to be the drivers of the day.
Without all of this, the event wouldn't as successful as that day.

This event is about a trip to attend talk on 'Engineer As Consulting Engineer'
The venue is Wisma IEM, which located at PJ
And the speaker of the day is G&P Director, Ir. Prof. Dr. Gue See Sew

Something important I learnt:
-The more you give, the more you gain
-When something is free, just go and try on it, you lose nothing

For Sunday, I had a great session with Mr. Goh Kek Seng
I would call him as teacher
So, he is an experienced teacher and very good in delivering his experiences and knowledge in 'Interviewing Skills'
This event is one of the soft skill program organised by UTAR Department of Soft Skill Competency (UDSSC)

Throughout the whole day, I learned a lot of secret about the interview session
how to build the best impression on myself to the interviewer(s),
how to tackle the question asked and etc..
how to negotiate the salary and benefit
Is great that I attended this program
Else, GG.com.
I'm going to do some stupid fools in front of interviewer in future

Final examination is around the corner, which is about 19days to go
Is good to see people who did well in the past examination
See them as role model
Create a systematic environment, so that the systematic environment could create positive energy
Induce discipline into myself, 'face book' rather than combine that two word
Hardworking in revising the note
I am determining in getting my name back to at least DEAN LIST again!
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