30th April 2011

Time flies...

30/4/11 Water Supply and Treatment
4/5/11 Highway and Transportation
5/5/11 Engineer in Society
9/5/11 Management Principle
11/5/11 Hydraulic System and Design
13/5/11 Structural Steel Design

Had my first paper of the semester on today
I gave my best, I have no regret on it..XD

When the output is less than the expectation output
Although the input increased
This mean something wrong in between input and output
Strategic changed, 1+1=2 rather than x+y+z=9

5 papers to go!
Keep focus and concentration
Know the goal
Head toward it..=)

28th April 2011

Time flies...

2 days away from my first paper
Water Supply and Treatment
Kinda difficult for Civil Eng student to study this subject as it involve a lot of chemistry
Which we already export back to lecturer and teacher

No matter how, this is life
Keep carry on
Keep going on
Never give up

All the best !

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

I'm a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we founded an Island, 15km to North..."
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we have new member!"
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, our enemy are attacking our ship..."
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we won the battles!"

Being a pirate will be tremendously wonderful experience...
As all the above scenes will happen at anytime, any place and any occasion.

For me, the best 3 things about being a pirate are my goal & dream, the adventurous journeys and my crew

Goal & Dream, is the ignition in doing everything
With the goal & dream of becoming the world greatest Pirate on earth
It certainly drive me to adventure and exploring the sea with the ship
Flagged my own Pirate Flag in every places I went
Never give up, never coward
Just Go Ahead

2 important and best things, The Adventurous Journey and The Crew
Is a must, in colouring my own pirate history
thus, accomplishing my goal & dream in becoming the greatest pirate on earth

How lonely can I be if I was the only person on the ship, travelling around the sea
It will be fantastic if there is more members on the ship
Everyone of us put our life on other crews hand and we are bonded with TRUST

Together, we adventure and explore the sea
Together, we explore new place and island
Together, we fight against the enemy
Together, we share the joy
Together, we share the pride
Together, we achieve the goal & dream
Together, we be the greatest ever pirate in history

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

21st April 2011

Time flies...
9 days before my first paper, Water Supply and Treatment

So fast yet so slow
Coming to the end of my Y3S3
wow...another 14 weeks just pass like that
with assignments, tests
and of course, the process in doing facing those two thing
just wonderful and unforgettable

Will having 6 papers in next 3 weeks
Shall set some regulations and restrictions for myself
In order to achieve my Goal:
-MUST restrict my Facebook time to less than 1.5 hour, this is the main and primary restriction
-MUST restrict my sleeping time to maximum 6 hours per day
-MUST study at least 15 hours per day

Before that, I have to finish my very last assignment of the semester
a 5-6 pages report
but with 30 marks on it...o.0


IEM 52nd Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2011

Time flies..

Yesterday was Institution of Engineer Malaysia (IEM) 52nd Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2011. Is my honour and pleasure to attend this wonderful and grand dinner, upon invitation from Young Engineer & Student Section (YES) chairperson, Engr. Shuhairy to IEM-UTAR student chapter committee.

The dinner was held at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, a 5-star rated hotel with beautiful and grand exterior and interior design. And of course, smart and handsome attire is a must for this grand dinner.

Reached Marriott Hotel around 6pm. Half an hour earlier than required reaching time. Entered the Grand Ballroom at 7pm. All the heavyweight Engineerss were there!! wow wow.. Met a lot of YES committee members. This is the programme book of the night

All the honorable guests are sit on their respectively seat before the commencement of the dinner

The VVIP Guests

2010/11 Session President, Ir. Prof. Dato' Dr Chuah Hean Teik

The dinner start at 8.30pm sharp together with a dance and speeches from newly elected president, Ir. Vincent Chen.

The first dish, hot and cold plate

This is the IEM Young Engineer & Student section committee
Left: Engr. Aswad, Co-opt member
Middle: Engr. Shuhairy, President
Right: Hizaruddin

IEM Young Engineer& Student section group photo

IEM Young Engineer & Student section are toasting with new president, Ir. Vincent Chen

Toasting with past president, Ir. Prof. Dato' Dr. Chuah Hean Teik

Another group photo before the end of the dinner

Come to the end of the dinner
I have some undescribeable feeling
Felt great, wonderful, awesome as I'm part of this great organisation
When crazy, everyone crazy together
When serious, everyone serious together
Hope to meet them in future again...=)

11th April 2011

Time flies...
Countdown to first Final Paper: 19 days

Is Monday again
Is very very happy to say that
I have a pack and enriched weekend
and is glad that I painting my life colourfully.
and I would definitely continue to paint it colourfully.

On saturday, IEM-UTAR Student Chapter has successfully carried out first ever event since it established, which is about few months back.
Kim Yeong, Me, Tat Ming and Boon Kang were the event organising committee
With the blessing from everyone
And efforts shown by us
And supportive respond shown by the student
And Choon Wai, Ah Mah, Jiun Leong, Hua Jian and Henry for willingly to be the drivers of the day.
Without all of this, the event wouldn't as successful as that day.

This event is about a trip to attend talk on 'Engineer As Consulting Engineer'
The venue is Wisma IEM, which located at PJ
And the speaker of the day is G&P Director, Ir. Prof. Dr. Gue See Sew

Something important I learnt:
-The more you give, the more you gain
-When something is free, just go and try on it, you lose nothing

For Sunday, I had a great session with Mr. Goh Kek Seng
I would call him as teacher
So, he is an experienced teacher and very good in delivering his experiences and knowledge in 'Interviewing Skills'
This event is one of the soft skill program organised by UTAR Department of Soft Skill Competency (UDSSC)

Throughout the whole day, I learned a lot of secret about the interview session
how to build the best impression on myself to the interviewer(s),
how to tackle the question asked and etc..
how to negotiate the salary and benefit
Is great that I attended this program
Else, GG.com.
I'm going to do some stupid fools in front of interviewer in future

Final examination is around the corner, which is about 19days to go
Is good to see people who did well in the past examination
See them as role model
Create a systematic environment, so that the systematic environment could create positive energy
Induce discipline into myself, 'face book' rather than combine that two word
Hardworking in revising the note
I am determining in getting my name back to at least DEAN LIST again!

Petsmore - Cute & Adorable Guinea Pig

Petsmore.com Photo Contest is back!!

My friend, Jye Yng cute and adorable Guinea Pig (left to right: Mama, Xiao Bai, Emo, 5Yen) participate the photo contest too...

Mama, Xiao Bai, Emo and 5Yen need 'LIKE' from you..
Their target is 500 'LIKE's

Can You Help them 'like' their photo:

First, 'like' Petsmore official Page @ http://www.facebook.com/petsmore

Second, 'like' their photo @ http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150131163177304&set=a.10150131161812304.283872.118663542303

Thanks you...=D

Birthday 2011

Time flies...

4th days after April Fool...
Is a big day in my life...
because I was born on this day, 5th April...

22 years
I went through and experience a lot of so call 'life experience'..
Of course...those 'life experience' I went through is still very very very small compare to the 'life experience' i expecting myself to gain...
This is life..
Everyday we learn
Everyday we experience
For everything we learned and experienced,
it will automatically record in 'life experience'...

I have a very FUN and BLAST birthday on today
My coursemate have a birthday celebration for me and Yi Wen at Mcdonald, Alpha Angle Jusco
Because she have same birth day with me...

Plan A:
They put a layer of wasabi into 2 pieces of cake
and expecting me and Yi Wen to 'cry' while eating the wasabi cake
Who know....
The chocolate cake cream wraped the wasabi particle
And we didnt feel any wasabi effect
Plan A failed!

Plan B:
They wanted us to drink the pure lime....
Who know...
Due to miscommunication problem
My friend mixed the lime with sprite
And we didnt feel any lime effect
Plan B failed!

Plan C:
They pour the colouring water (RED) into balloon
And want to "Angry Bird" me...
Out of 10 ballons
I kena 1 or 2 only....
Plan C considered fail also!!!

I escaped
But I'm pity the following person
As we learned and absorbed the failure

Well, currently is 11.53pm
7 minutes away to enter next day, 6th April
I would like take the opportunity to thanks all my friends, housemate, coursemate
Thanks Timothy, KangWai, Garrett and YeeSian for the sudden Birthday Song on yesterday
Thanks CI May 2008 for the birthday celebration
Thanks for all my friends, family members who wished my 'Happy Birthday'

All of your celebration and wishes my today
the day of the year 2011... =)

April Fool 2011

Time flies...
Is 1st April, Is April Fool..

April Fool, is a nice day to fool and prank people..=)
I pranked most of my fren in a FB post!!...hahahaha

To: Lek Mon, Wai Yee, Andrew, Guan Wei, Dickshen, Jeffrey, SuLing, PeiLing, LeWei, Joaryn, Joanne, Diong Diong, Shereen, XinYi, JyeYng
From: Bao Ooi Yuan
Date: 1st April 2011
Titile: My Girlfriend ~~♥

Refer to the title above, hereby I announce loud and clearly: I no longer single anymore.

"I wish my GF would be a very nice girl, who is not materialistic, will not get angry for no reason and is very understanding. Most importantly, not a big spender.". Finally, I founded a girl who fulfilled all the requirement stated. And today I would like to introduce her to all my friends and share the joy with me:http://facebook.com/profile.php?=56483397

♥ ♥ ♥

I didn't know who created the link
Maybe created by Mark Zuckerberg himself to add April Fool Atmosphere
Basically the link work in this way:

Whoever click the link, their profile will shown up.
For example: I clicked the link, so my profile is shown. I
f andrew clicked the link, andrew profile is shown.

All the recipients were so shy when they click on the link...
Because they thought that I confess to them at open and public place...

Happy April FOOL!!!
Hope my friends wont disheart
As I didnt mean anything
Except create some April Fool Atmosphere...=)

Good news for me!!
Dr. Lim Siong Kang accepted me as one of his FYP student..=)
Now is the starting of my busy period
As I need to plan my FYP schedule
Because there are alot of works waiting me
Sieve sand, sieve POFA, cast concretessssss
7 days, 28 days, 90 days, 160 days...
Report I, Report II
Aiming an 'A' from Dr.Lim...
All the best...