MESCORP 2010/2011 (110326)

MESCORP 2010/2011 has successfully carry out at Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya on today. UTAR sent 40 participants to the MESCORP conference and exhibition and I'm one of them. This event is really successful... Why? Well planned for every single event and details, covered from planning, sponsorship, pre-registration, registration, the talks, the exhibition, the food prepared. All were well done! The organizing committee deserved the credit.

Departed from UTAR at 7am and reach MMU around 8.15am. When I first enter the Uni, it was like: fight at all if FES campus compared with MMU...No doubt, the facilities provided, the environment, the campus size, the building design and maintenance in MMU is much much more better than FES campus..

After registration and have our refreshment, the event start off with first session talk tittled: "The Rise of Green Technology: As Insight into Solar Technology in Malaysia". This talk delivered by Ms. Esther Soo and Mr. Hor Thong Chin, director of MESCORP 2010/11. After first session talk ended, we proceed to the exhibition located beside the multipurpose hall. A lot of Green Technology real life example are exhibited in this exhibition.

Solar panel has a total of four generation. This is the first generation of solar panel. First generation of solar panel if further divide into Monocrystaline and Polycrystaline. The photo below show the Monocrystaline Solar Panel. Differences between both of them?? I didn't know much except the efficiency between the two, which Monocrystaline Solar Panel have higher efficiency compare to Polycrystaline Solar Panel. For any further information about the two, please Gooooogle yourself..

This is the second generation of solar panel. The efficiency is lower than first generation solar panel. Lower than? yup, lower than. This is because the priority of second generation solar panel is the cost. They wish to come out something lower in term of price and cost.

This device grabbed my attention the most. Do you know what is this... No idea? Actually this is solar panel HP charger, manufactured by YingLi Green Energy Holding Wish to have 1.

Besides solar panel, building built with green technology also exhibited in the exhibition. After the exhibition, we continue on with second session talk, titled: Energy Issue: The Trend and Development of Green Energy in Malaysia. The talk was delivered by Mr. Paul Millot and Dr. Chen Sau Soon.

After taken our lunch, we have about an hour to go. So, we lepak and cam whore arond MMU. This is one of the photo taken at MMU:

(from left to right) siew hie, soke sien, sin chan, nina, lin huey, me, tat ming, kam and ci ai

Me, Kam(behind me) and Tat Ming...

Tat Ming...

Professor Dato Dr. Ir. Lim Ooi Yuan shaking hand with Dato Dr. Ir. Ya Tat Ming...

Is 2pm and we have the third session talk, titled: Building and Architecture: Green Building's Contribution in Reducing Carbon Emmision. The talk was delivered by Ir. Chen Thiam Leong and an ang mo. I duno the ang mo name, I only know he is from Denmark.

The fourth session talk was given by En. Mohamed Azrin Mohamed Ali. The title of the talk is Environmentally Friendly Vehicle: The Electric Car.

The fifth and the last session talk, titled: Photovoltaic Technology: Emerging Energy Sources. The talk was given by Prof. Dr.Kamaruzzaman Sopian and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nowshad Amin.

The last session of MESCORP, which is also the session awaited by entire MESCORP participant, LUCKY DRAW. Grand Prize, an IPAD!! And the lucky number is 1228! Tat Ming ticket number....

I-generation: Ipad, Iphone, Itouch

Finally it come to the end of MESCORP 2010/2011 after we took a group photo. I learned a lot of Green Energy and Green Technology knowledges such as the current green technology available, electric car, characteristic of a green energy building and etc.... I found that I really enjoy the conference and appreciate MMU Engineering Society for organising such informative conference for universiti student. This allow me to learn more and understand better in Green Energy and Green Technology.

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