8th March 2011

Time flies..

Is week 8 and 6 weeks to go for this semester
Will graduate on May, 2012, which is 14 months away
Too fast? Too slow?
Just: wah, I going to graduate in next 14 months
And during that time
The responsibilities and the role I play will be change and different

14 months of time....
A lot of thing can be happen
Which I think 1 or 2 big and important things will happen
And no comment bout it until it finalised...

Sometime when u aren't harsh enough
You will lose control of him and let him take over you
And that is the time to be harsh
Is never too late until it really late

In our life, we have to keep going
No matter what happen
Learn and learn and learn
Is the only way to improve ourself
I learn a lot in past few days
Thanks to them....=)
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