5th March 2011

Time flies...
An update for my blog since the last 1

Kinda busy for the past week...
And I think I will continue busy for several weeks more...

2 tests on Tuesday
Structural Steel Design (SSD) and Management
Put full force for SSD
And touch and go for Management
Who know...
The SSD test is freaking easy
While for Management
I used M-16 and settle it...XD

Utar Festival on Wednesday
The first impression for this year UTAR Festival is abit lousy compare to previous year
Previous year, I could heard the festival mucis even though my class was far far apart
For this year, my class for just beside the festival, yet I couldn't heard any music
But, my impression was wrong when I was in the festival
Crazy atmosphere+Fantastic performance by student
I drive the sale of Sport Club and all the cookies are sold out by 1pm....
And of course, thanks to all of my friends, who support me..=)

1 Report on Thursday
Highway and Transportation report
And I think I spoil the market again...:p

1 Super assignment on Friday
SSD assignment which required us to design the steel struture for a warehouse
Purlin+Roof Truss+Beam+column
The assignment is given by our tutor, Mr.Lim
Spend 2 days+2 nights to settle it
And this is what the lecturer, Ir.Dr.Jeffrey told few hours before due date, 5th March,4pm because some group went to see him and ask extension for the due date:
"Actually the main point of the assignment is the roof truss. If you cant design the rest of the structure, you may just leave it"

This is how I went through my Y3S3 week 7

I'm group leader for assignment group?
Which I don't think so....
Because not only me, every people in the group are leader
We lead ourself
We lead the group together
We knew our role clearly
We knew our task clearly
Together we solve all the problems and finish the assignments
3 warriors and 2 kings
Well done!
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