31st March 2011

Time flies...
Here goes the last day of March 2011

Yesterday have a 2 and a half hours consultation
with my advisor, Dr. Lim Siong Kang
Amazingly, 2 and a half hours, which is longer than a normal lecture class

Currently I in Y3S3
And next year will be my final year
And I think is time for me to plan my final year project(FYP)
Who should I choose as my mentor...
What topic should be my FYP title...

Actually from beginning, I already plan to choose Dr.Lim as my mentor
After listen to Tat Ming regarding other lecturers FYP topic
Dr.Lim would be my final choice due to:
-Dr.Lim just like my brother...XD
-Dr.Lim topic is more interesting as it about concrete and more to laboratory work
-I'm not the type of person which will directly take people work and declare it as my work
-interest in structural design but the lecturer is sort of permanent head damage...XD

Topic choosen: Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) integrate with Light Weight Concrete
However, the topic is not finalise yet
As I have to find the POFA source
Which I think I could easily get from Southern Acid
Now the only consideration is the quantity of POFA I can get from them

1 more year....
I'm going to graduate!!
Y3S3 + Y4S1 + Y4S2 + FYP
Nearing the ending stage of my Degree in Civil Eng.
All the best to myself...=)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hello, can i know where did u get the POFA source?