25th March 2011

Time flies...

Didn't update for about 8days...
Because recently I forgot am busy....

Post mortem...
But thanks god all of its did not come at once
But they came one by one to me..=)
This allow me to put best effort on each of them...

Miracle, can be create by effort showed
Yesterday I prove it..=)

Petsmore organised a photo contest
Pet owner can upload their pet photo to Petsmore page
And let people to like their photo
Photo with most 'like' will be the winner
6 prizes are prepared for six winner
The contest period started from 7th March till yesterday, 24th March
My housemate, Shyne Sze uploaded her lovely Tobey photo to Petsmore
She didnt realise the photo was uploaded until she found out on yesterday

He is Tobey....A very cute Shih Tzu

24th March, around 10.00am, 0 like
After a strong publication from prima setapak c-20-6 house members:
shyne sze

24th March, 11.59pm, 380 likes

380 likes in 12 hours
Average a 'like' in about 2 minutes
This is amazing and incredible

Our effort paid...
Tobey flies from last place to 6th places..=)
And won a coupon worth RM50..
Congratz to Tobey and Shyne Sze..
And thanks for all my friend supported me and liked Tobey photo.
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