16th March 2011

Time flies...

Is Wednesday
And I should have a presentation on today
Is Management Principle presentation
But my team proposed to postpone it to next wednesday
We successed, but have to penalize by tutor...-.-''

The main reason behind the postponement is
I forgot to remind my group mate to bring formal wear
And we thought we could switch the presentation date easily
So, we did not prepare at all...XD
And the end, like this loh...

DAY 5 of Japan 9.0 scalar richter earthquake & 10 meter height tsunami
The situation getting worse
As aftershock continue attack Japan
6.0 scalar richter aftershock happened on yesterday
Nuclear reactor cooling system down and the workers failed to save the situation
4 nuclear reactors exploded
Radiation LEAKED!
It really a major disaster for Japan and whole world

2012 coming
ya...year 2012 is coming
but i don think is the end of the world
because we are human
Smartest and most intelligent animal in the world
Every problem can be solve...
It just the matter of time
From ancient until today
Many superstitious and conservative thinking
Has broke and answered scientifically by human

I believe many disaster will happen in 2012
But it will not reach the stage
where human will be extinct from the world
In fact, no matter how bad do the disaster destroy the earth
Human will rebuild it again
That why god choose human to rule the world
Because human naturally are problem solver

There is nothing I could do for Japan right now
Except a heartiest pray and wish from me
To Japan earthquake and tsunami victim:
Stay Strong
We are human, the strongest will animal in the world
Conserve your life
Rebuild your nation
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