15th March 2011

Time flies..
Here come the second day of Y3S3 Week 9

Feel so strange
this week is Week 9
And supposingly I should start busy with my assignmentsss and testssss
But right now I am so FREE!!
1 test on this coming friday and another assignment due in week 12
All the assignment passed up in the past few weeks...

Have a wonder trip on last weekend
I went to Port Dickson with Andrew, Jeffrey, Dickshen, Suling, Peiling, Joanne, Joaryn, Lewei, Tessie and Ken
We stay at The Regency apartment
A 3 room 2 bathroom apartment with nice interior designed

Swimming at pool
Play water
Talk Crap
Do stupid thing
Snap photo
Watch football game
Play pool

All of these are they activities done by us during the trip
Fun, funny, crazy, laughing non-stop..
Even when I see back thoso photos taken, I still laugh non-stop

It is so nice
To have a bunch of friends
Together and Gather
Because that how the fun and memories start

Will upload the trip photo soon
Because lazy the internet line is so slow.......
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