31st March 2011

Time flies...
Here goes the last day of March 2011

Yesterday have a 2 and a half hours consultation
with my advisor, Dr. Lim Siong Kang
Amazingly, 2 and a half hours, which is longer than a normal lecture class

Currently I in Y3S3
And next year will be my final year
And I think is time for me to plan my final year project(FYP)
Who should I choose as my mentor...
What topic should be my FYP title...

Actually from beginning, I already plan to choose Dr.Lim as my mentor
After listen to Tat Ming regarding other lecturers FYP topic
Dr.Lim would be my final choice due to:
-Dr.Lim just like my brother...XD
-Dr.Lim topic is more interesting as it about concrete and more to laboratory work
-I'm not the type of person which will directly take people work and declare it as my work
-interest in structural design but the lecturer is sort of permanent head damage...XD

Topic choosen: Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) integrate with Light Weight Concrete
However, the topic is not finalise yet
As I have to find the POFA source
Which I think I could easily get from Southern Acid
Now the only consideration is the quantity of POFA I can get from them

1 more year....
I'm going to graduate!!
Y3S3 + Y4S1 + Y4S2 + FYP
Nearing the ending stage of my Degree in Civil Eng.
All the best to myself...=)

MESCORP 2010/2011 (110326)

MESCORP 2010/2011 has successfully carry out at Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya on today. UTAR sent 40 participants to the MESCORP conference and exhibition and I'm one of them. This event is really successful... Why? Well planned for every single event and details, covered from planning, sponsorship, pre-registration, registration, the talks, the exhibition, the food prepared. All were well done! The organizing committee deserved the credit.

Departed from UTAR at 7am and reach MMU around 8.15am. When I first enter the Uni, it was like: wow..no fight at all if FES campus compared with MMU...No doubt, the facilities provided, the environment, the campus size, the building design and maintenance in MMU is much much more better than FES campus..

After registration and have our refreshment, the event start off with first session talk tittled: "The Rise of Green Technology: As Insight into Solar Technology in Malaysia". This talk delivered by Ms. Esther Soo and Mr. Hor Thong Chin, director of MESCORP 2010/11. After first session talk ended, we proceed to the exhibition located beside the multipurpose hall. A lot of Green Technology real life example are exhibited in this exhibition.

Solar panel has a total of four generation. This is the first generation of solar panel. First generation of solar panel if further divide into Monocrystaline and Polycrystaline. The photo below show the Monocrystaline Solar Panel. Differences between both of them?? I didn't know much except the efficiency between the two, which Monocrystaline Solar Panel have higher efficiency compare to Polycrystaline Solar Panel. For any further information about the two, please Gooooogle yourself..

This is the second generation of solar panel. The efficiency is lower than first generation solar panel. Lower than? yup, lower than. This is because the priority of second generation solar panel is the cost. They wish to come out something lower in term of price and cost.

This device grabbed my attention the most. Do you know what is this... No idea? Actually this is solar panel HP charger, manufactured by YingLi Green Energy Holding Co..ltd.. Wish to have 1.

Besides solar panel, building built with green technology also exhibited in the exhibition. After the exhibition, we continue on with second session talk, titled: Energy Issue: The Trend and Development of Green Energy in Malaysia. The talk was delivered by Mr. Paul Millot and Dr. Chen Sau Soon.

After taken our lunch, we have about an hour to go. So, we lepak and cam whore arond MMU. This is one of the photo taken at MMU:

(from left to right) siew hie, soke sien, sin chan, nina, lin huey, me, tat ming, kam and ci ai

Me, Kam(behind me) and Tat Ming...

Tat Ming...

Professor Dato Dr. Ir. Lim Ooi Yuan shaking hand with Dato Dr. Ir. Ya Tat Ming...

Is 2pm and we have the third session talk, titled: Building and Architecture: Green Building's Contribution in Reducing Carbon Emmision. The talk was delivered by Ir. Chen Thiam Leong and an ang mo. I duno the ang mo name, I only know he is from Denmark.

The fourth session talk was given by En. Mohamed Azrin Mohamed Ali. The title of the talk is Environmentally Friendly Vehicle: The Electric Car.

The fifth and the last session talk, titled: Photovoltaic Technology: Emerging Energy Sources. The talk was given by Prof. Dr.Kamaruzzaman Sopian and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nowshad Amin.

The last session of MESCORP, which is also the session awaited by entire MESCORP participant, LUCKY DRAW. Grand Prize, an IPAD!! And the lucky number is 1228! Tat Ming ticket number....

I-generation: Ipad, Iphone, Itouch

Finally it come to the end of MESCORP 2010/2011 after we took a group photo. I learned a lot of Green Energy and Green Technology knowledges such as the current green technology available, electric car, characteristic of a green energy building and etc.... I found that I really enjoy the conference and appreciate MMU Engineering Society for organising such informative conference for universiti student. This allow me to learn more and understand better in Green Energy and Green Technology.

25th March 2011

Time flies...

Didn't update for about 8days...
Because recently I forgot am busy....

Post mortem...
But thanks god all of its did not come at once
But they came one by one to me..=)
This allow me to put best effort on each of them...

Miracle, can be create by effort showed
Yesterday I prove it..=)

Petsmore organised a photo contest
Pet owner can upload their pet photo to Petsmore page
And let people to like their photo
Photo with most 'like' will be the winner
6 prizes are prepared for six winner
The contest period started from 7th March till yesterday, 24th March
My housemate, Shyne Sze uploaded her lovely Tobey photo to Petsmore
She didnt realise the photo was uploaded until she found out on yesterday

He is Tobey....A very cute Shih Tzu

24th March, around 10.00am, 0 like
After a strong publication from prima setapak c-20-6 house members:
shyne sze

24th March, 11.59pm, 380 likes

380 likes in 12 hours
Average a 'like' in about 2 minutes
This is amazing and incredible

Our effort paid...
Tobey flies from last place to 6th places..=)
And won a coupon worth RM50..
Congratz to Tobey and Shyne Sze..
And thanks for all my friend supported me and liked Tobey photo.

16th March 2011

Time flies...

Is Wednesday
And I should have a presentation on today
Is Management Principle presentation
But my team proposed to postpone it to next wednesday
We successed, but have to penalize by tutor...-.-''

The main reason behind the postponement is
I forgot to remind my group mate to bring formal wear
And we thought we could switch the presentation date easily
So, we did not prepare at all...XD
And the end, like this loh...

DAY 5 of Japan 9.0 scalar richter earthquake & 10 meter height tsunami
The situation getting worse
As aftershock continue attack Japan
6.0 scalar richter aftershock happened on yesterday
Nuclear reactor cooling system down and the workers failed to save the situation
4 nuclear reactors exploded
Radiation LEAKED!
It really a major disaster for Japan and whole world

2012 coming
ya...year 2012 is coming
but i don think is the end of the world
because we are human
Smartest and most intelligent animal in the world
Every problem can be solve...
It just the matter of time
From ancient until today
Many superstitious and conservative thinking
Has broke and answered scientifically by human

I believe many disaster will happen in 2012
But it will not reach the stage
where human will be extinct from the world
In fact, no matter how bad do the disaster destroy the earth
Human will rebuild it again
That why god choose human to rule the world
Because human naturally are problem solver

There is nothing I could do for Japan right now
Except a heartiest pray and wish from me
To Japan earthquake and tsunami victim:
Stay Strong
We are human, the strongest will animal in the world
Conserve your life
Rebuild your nation

15th March 2011

Time flies..
Here come the second day of Y3S3 Week 9

Feel so strange
this week is Week 9
And supposingly I should start busy with my assignmentsss and testssss
But right now I am so FREE!!
1 test on this coming friday and another assignment due in week 12
All the assignment passed up in the past few weeks...

Have a wonder trip on last weekend
I went to Port Dickson with Andrew, Jeffrey, Dickshen, Suling, Peiling, Joanne, Joaryn, Lewei, Tessie and Ken
We stay at The Regency apartment
A 3 room 2 bathroom apartment with nice interior designed

Swimming at pool
Play water
Talk Crap
Do stupid thing
Snap photo
Watch football game
Play pool

All of these are they activities done by us during the trip
Fun, funny, crazy, laughing non-stop..
Even when I see back thoso photos taken, I still laugh non-stop

It is so nice
To have a bunch of friends
Together and Gather
Because that how the fun and memories start

Will upload the trip photo soon
Because lazy the internet line is so slow.......

8th March 2011

Time flies..

Is week 8 and 6 weeks to go for this semester
Will graduate on May, 2012, which is 14 months away
Too fast? Too slow?
Just: wah, I going to graduate in next 14 months
And during that time
The responsibilities and the role I play will be change and different

14 months of time....
A lot of thing can be happen
Which I think 1 or 2 big and important things will happen
And no comment bout it until it finalised...

Sometime when u aren't harsh enough
You will lose control of him and let him take over you
And that is the time to be harsh
Is never too late until it really late

In our life, we have to keep going
No matter what happen
Learn and learn and learn
Is the only way to improve ourself
I learn a lot in past few days
Thanks to them....=)

5th March 2011

Time flies...
An update for my blog since the last 1

Kinda busy for the past week...
And I think I will continue busy for several weeks more...

2 tests on Tuesday
Structural Steel Design (SSD) and Management
Put full force for SSD
And touch and go for Management
Who know...
The SSD test is freaking easy
While for Management
I used M-16 and settle it...XD

Utar Festival on Wednesday
The first impression for this year UTAR Festival is abit lousy compare to previous year
Previous year, I could heard the festival mucis even though my class was far far apart
For this year, my class for just beside the festival, yet I couldn't heard any music
But, my impression was wrong when I was in the festival
Crazy atmosphere+Fantastic performance by student
I drive the sale of Sport Club and all the cookies are sold out by 1pm....
And of course, thanks to all of my friends, who support me..=)

1 Report on Thursday
Highway and Transportation report
And I think I spoil the market again...:p

1 Super assignment on Friday
SSD assignment which required us to design the steel struture for a warehouse
Purlin+Roof Truss+Beam+column
The assignment is given by our tutor, Mr.Lim
Spend 2 days+2 nights to settle it
And this is what the lecturer, Ir.Dr.Jeffrey told few hours before due date, 5th March,4pm because some group went to see him and ask extension for the due date:
"Actually the main point of the assignment is the roof truss. If you cant design the rest of the structure, you may just leave it"

This is how I went through my Y3S3 week 7

I'm group leader for assignment group?
Which I don't think so....
Because not only me, every people in the group are leader
We lead ourself
We lead the group together
We knew our role clearly
We knew our task clearly
Together we solve all the problems and finish the assignments
3 warriors and 2 kings
Well done!